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Going through interviews and preparing for your first day back at work during recovery can feel stressful at times. It’s important to take a step back and realize that you wouldn’t even be here if you hadn’t achieved the monumental goal of sobriety. You’ve overcome the initial hurdle of addiction, and work can actually be a source of relief instead of stress going forward.

Adjusting to Work During Recovery

There’s no denying that stress and substance abuse are linked, but many of these instances are actually due to a lack of healthy coping mechanisms possessed by the general workforce. You have the upper hand through therapy and counseling to tackle these daily stressors head on.

Part of getting back in the swing of things is reframing how you view work. The stress that comes with it will be there no matter what, so focus on reducing stress where you have the ability to do so. See each task as a chance to focus on something and stay away from intrusive thoughts and cravings.

Don’t be afraid to ease into work either. Start with something part-time or even on a volunteer basis as you adjust to working with others while sober. Trying to jump into an intense new job can quickly lead to excess pressure that pushes your resolve and causes relapse.

Always Ask For Help

It can be from your boss, coworkers or a loved one, but you need to ask for help as issues arise. Addiction recovery isn’t done alone, and integrating back into your regular life is part of the process whether you spend a month in outpatient rehab or a full 90 days in residential treatment.

Your coworkers can help you with certain tasks that you can typically do on your own but may need assistance with during mentally draining days. Speaking with your boss can set their expectations that you’re in recovery and will need accommodations such as extra breaks to decompress or a specific schedule.

When it comes to friends and family, they can help with non-work related responsibilities such as transportation and childcare. Having a reliable ride to work or someone to watch your children makes working in recovery much less stressful and challenging.

Find Support To Get Back to Work

America’s Rehab Campus is no stranger to helping guests go from their initial intake to gainful employment after treatment. Some of our most beloved team members are ARC alumni, leveraging their unique experiences to better help others in the same situation they once found themselves in.

To learn more about our treatment programs, accommodations, or anything else, please contact the ARC team today.