Anxiety and Substance Abuse

If you have completed the detox and inpatient rehab program and seek follow-up care at a reputed facility, America’s Rehab Campuses is ideal for you. Our intensive outpatient program in Tucson allows patients to pursue their sobriety goals by signing in a less intensive but equally effective rehab program. We model our IOP after their unique personal and professional lives to ensure an optimal recovery experience.

How IOP Works

The intensive outpatient program is a recovery program lasting 12 weeks and requiring your presence for three weeks per day, three days per week. It is a flexible rehabilitation program that helps patients get the treatment they need without interfering with their lives too much. You can care for your educational, professional, and personal obligations during IOP, allowing you to rebuild your life while getting the treatment you need to remain sober, balanced, and healthy at the same time.

Our IOP focuses on ensuring holistic recovery via a multidisciplinary approach consisting of:
Behavioral therapies
Recreational therapy
Individual and group therapy
Dual diagnosis treatment
12-step support groups
Relapse prevention education and training
Lifestyle improvements, etc.

The goal is to help our patients making better decisions for themselves and their families and focus on long-lasting sobriety and healthy living. If you consider joining a rehabilitation program asap, you need to check with our rehab specialists to see if you qualify for our IOP.

Who Needs IOP Treatment?

Since IOP is similar to a day treatment, it’s more suitable for individuals who have already completed detox and inpatient treatment. You can’t join our intensive outpatient program in Tucson if you’re still dealing with severe withdrawal and aggravated addiction side-effects. In that case, you need medical detoxification and extensive inpatient care to recover, regain your mental and emotional balance, and begin the healing process.

IOP functions as a social reintegration program providing patients with the opportunity to re-learn:
Basic social interactions
Positive thinking patterns
Self-honesty, confidence, and determination
How to seek help and help others in need
Achieve mental and emotional strength
Live healthy, balanced, and sober lives
Strive for a more prosperous and fulfilling lifestyle
Communicate more effectively with their loved ones, etc.

These abilities will serve as perfect tools for social reintegration, allowing you to regain your independence and confidence moving forward.

When To Begin Rehab?

If you’ve been abusing prescription medication, drugs, or alcohol for a long time, you need to consider rehab treatment immediately. You don’t need to make a drastic commitment blindly. You can always contact our rehab professionals, ask for details about our intensive outpatient program in Tucson or any of our rehab treatments, and share your life story.

We would be happy to listen to you, share our professional opinions, and advise you on your next steps. America’s Rehab Campuses ranks among the most notorious safe havens for individuals seeking medical and psychiatric treatment for their addictions and co-occurring mental disorders. Check with our rehab experts today, come in for clinical assessment and detox, and things will move on their own from there.