Opioid painkillers crisis and drug abuse concept. Opioid and prescription medication addiction epidemic. Different kinds of multicolored pills. Pharmaceutical medicament backgroundDrug addiction destroys countless families and claims tens of thousands of lives each year, and the fight against the drug abuse epidemic has many fronts. Helping people get clean one by one is vital, but it’s not all there is. The shame and stigma that people experience when they struggle with addiction often prevent them from ever reaching a rehab facility. Likewise, outdated policies that go against modern addiction science can also limit the options at a treatment facility. In our mind, drug rehab centers can’t stop at treating their patients, and must advocate for them too.

ARC approaches drug addiction in Tucson from three angles. First, there’s the traditional angle of drug detox and inpatient residential rehab. Then, a range of outpatient and post-inpatient care options help keep people on the right path and provide them with the dynamic support they need. Finally, efforts to raise awareness and understanding for those who struggle with addiction are the final piece of the ARC mission.

Drug Addiction and Rehab Advocacy

Raising awareness is one of our top priorities at ARC, and we strive to be part of the change in attitudes and public approaches to dealing with addiction.

Ambassador Programs

ARC takes numerous approaches to connect with the public, and one major effort is a partnership with the famous NFL player Vance Johnson. Vance struggled with alcohol and drug addiction for years, and his vision for a better, addiction-free America aligns with ours. Our partnership helps each of us expand our reach and work more effectively in connecting with and helping those who struggle with addiction.

Informational Content for the Public

Addiction is complex, and accurate, digestible content is the best way to help someone understand it. Finding that a loved one suffers from addiction is a scary experience, and it’s much worse when you’ve never had your assumptions about addiction challenged before. We answer many of the common questions about addiction that a person might have, making this difficult situation clearer and presenting a path forward with ARC’s addiction treatment. If someone is confused about how and why addiction changes people or if they’ve heard of the link between drug addiction and mental illness, they can learn more with ARC.

Premium Addiction Treatment

Fantastic addiction treatment is at the heart of everything we do. We implement the latest evidence in our care program, which covers all of the major addictions as well as dual diagnoses with co-occurring mental health issues. The broad scope of our care combined with six distinct care levels means that from start to finish, we calibrate a custom treatment program to the unique needs of each patient.

Comprehensive Care Levels

  • Medical Detox – We provide a person with a secure, drug-free, and medically supervised space to undergo treatment for withdrawals. Medical detox has been shown to provide real, lasting positive effects for those who undergo it, such as reducing the incidence and severity of post-acute withdrawal syndrome.
  • Inpatient Residential Rehab – The traditional rehab program wherein a person has access to support groups, counseling resources, and guidance as they get through post-withdrawal symptoms and rebuild healthy coping mechanisms.
  • Partial Hospitalization – A more affordable form of rehab care that involves long, daily sessions at our facility that end with the person returning home each evening.
  • Sober Living – An option for people to return to work and semi-independence while returning to a supportive, drug-free community afterward.
  • Intensive Outpatient Care – An involved, lengthy form of outpatient care that provides guidance and therapy as the person returns to largely independent life.
  • Outpatient Care – Ongoing therapy and counseling that provide long-term support for those in their recovery journey.

Transparent and Compassionate Pricing

The best addiction treatment in the world doesn’t help people who can’t afford it. This is why America’s Rehab Campus strives to be more affordable than most drug rehab centers. We accept many different kinds of insurance, and our team will work with people to craft a financing plan that suits them.

If you need to learn more about drug addiction or how rehab works, turn to America’s Rehab Campuses.