rehabSeeking addiction treatment services for drug or alcohol abuse is a monumental step on the road to sobriety. At America’s Rehab Campus, we take the decision to stop addiction seriously. At ARC, addiction and substance abuse recovery are handled at one location to make the process as seamless as possible. But what makes ARC the go-to treatment center for much of Arizona?

Every Client Receives Unique Care

Just like no two medical facilities are alike, no two patients are the exact same either. It’s far too common to see general solutions applied to specific problems, especially when an organization doesn’t have their clients as the top priority. To provide this tailored treatment, our staff will begin by meeting with you for a free and fully confidential consultation. This lets us get to know the struggles you’re facing and your goals surrounding them.

It’s important to know that when creating a treatment plan, the intensity and length of the program can vary drastically between individuals. Treatment plans can be as simple as attending meetings and abstaining from drugs or alcohol during the program. For more severe situations, individuals may undergo medically-assisted detox and stay under the supervision of staff for up to 90 days.

More on Medically-Assisted Detox

Whether someone seeks out help on their own or through the help of an intervention, the first step in the recovery process is safely detoxing the body of drugs and alcohol. Our addiction specialists consist of medical professionals who can monitor and address the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms as they happen. Withdrawal occurs when the body becomes dependent on the presence of drugs or alcohol and then has to essentially relearn how to function in a sober environment.

You’re Never Alone at America’s Rehab Campus

Once you’ve been guided through the detox process, the work towards living an addiction-free life can begin. ARC uses methodologies and evidence-based approaches to help bring individuals out of their world of addiction. Following the roots of the 12-step system, group and individual therapy sessions are held to give participants new perspectives and ways of thinking.

Many alumni come to these group events to share words of encouragement and tales of their successes, both big and small. Creating a small family happens often at ARC with these relationships often lasting a lifetime. Part of creating a new, healthy family is bringing along existing family members that positively love and support you.

We work with close friends and relatives of clients to educate them on what addiction is and how treatment works. Having a strong support system available at home can help keep impulses and urges for drugs and alcohol to a minimum. When others are leaned on in times of difficulty instead of substances, it breaks the idea that drugs or alcohol are necessary for feeling better.

Help Doesn’t Stop After Treatment

While addiction is something many people struggle with for life, the hardest part is completing the initial treatment. Once you’ve achieved sobriety and are given the right tools and resources, you’re ready to face anything the world has to throw at you without concern of falling back on drugs or alcohol.

At times, people may choose to extend their treatment plan if they feel they aren’t ready to adjust back to normal life. Other cases may see individuals resuming their daily activities early on while still attending therapy sessions. If at any point a treatment program isn’t working, our team will work with you directly to adjust whatever needs to be better aligned with your goals.

Not only does ARC help you from the start of your addiction recovery until the very end, but our network of aftercare offices and doctors makes follow-up appointments easily accessible. Mental health professionals can be used in times of anxiety or trouble ignoring cravings. It’s also common for addiction to coincide with other mental health conditions, cases of which are known as a dual diagnosis.

Don’t trust the success of your rehabilitation from drugs or alcohol to the cheapest facility available. America’s Rehab Campus was built upon the idea that everyone deserves access to addiction treatment, so we encourage anyone in need to reach out to us immediately.