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Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of mental health treatment services has rapidly expanded to cover more conditions than ever before. Part of these changes was a sweeping change in what’s considered medically necessary to treat when it comes to mental illness, and addiction is one of the recognized conditions.

Now referred to as substance use disorder, SUD covers the chronic nature of addiction while also giving patients concrete grounds to share symptoms with their doctors. With SUD being an official diagnosis, most insurance plans now offer at least some form of coverage for rehab. To help speed up the process, America’s Rehab Campus has an online insurance verification tool to get you started.

Which Treatments Are Covered by Insurance?

The exact coverage provided by your insurance will depend on the specific plan you’re on as well as your current medical condition. Typically, insurance providers are only interested in helping cover the cost of services that are deemed a medical necessity to achieve the desired outcome.

For some plans, only outpatient treatment is covered in some capacity. Other plans will also provide coverage for medical detox as many rehab centers require their guests to be sober before starting the rest of their treatment. This is why we start every intake at America’s Rehab Campus with an interview to get to know you, your history with SUD, and your future goals right away. We use this information to put together a bespoke individualized treatment program that covers your unique needs.

One important aspect of treatment that many new guests overlook is the aftercare. Relapse prevention specialist networks are vital to getting the extra support you need after you’ve completed your initial treatment. These can range from specific medical professionals to support groups you can lean on in times of need. Remember to take these appointments and group meetings into account when considering the overall cost of rehab.

Find Affordable Rehab at ARC

By keeping our profits invested in our staff and campus, the ARC team is able to provide world-class rehab services in a luxurious setting. Resort-style rooms keep you comfortable between therapy sessions, with regular sports and other hobbies going at any time. Our goal is to create a community that welcomes guests before, during, and after their treatment. It’s why so many ARC alumni come back to talk to current guests and share their success stories.

Are you struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol? If you or someone you know could use professional support in the battle against SUD, take a moment to reach out and learn everything you need to know to get started.