sober curious

Now that we’re on the other side of the most recent pandemic, Americans are starting to to spend more time with friends and family again. While the pandemic saw an increase in drug and alcohol abuse, there are counter-culture groups looking to go against the grain and normalize sober engagements at bars and clubs. The sober curious movement sparked from a desire to be able to hang out in typical places without the pressure to drink in order to avoid the health problems that come with alcohol consumption. But how are venues adapting to support this new health-minded movement?

It Starts With Non-Alcoholic Drinks

When someone mentions a non-alcoholic beverage, they don’t typically mean soda or water. They’re referring to alcohol-free alternatives to common hard beverages such as beer and liquor. The goal is to maintain the atmosphere of having a good time, which currently means having a drink in your hand as you go through the evening. Feeling the pressure to have a drink available at all times can quickly lead to binge drinking when alcohol is involved.

Non-alcoholic IPA’s, bourbons, and wines all help address this social dilemma without putting your health in jeopardy. If you have a spot that you and your friends like to frequent, you can ask them to consider stocking non-alcohol options so that you can continue to enjoy going there.

It’s the Perfect Time To Be Sober Curious

With the sober curious movement gaining momentum over the last couple of years, more and more businesses have started to serve non-alcoholic variants to make their establishment more inclusive. Thankfully, adding alcohol-free options to a menu is much easier than alcohol itself as it doesn’t require an additional liquor license to meet local regulations. A lot of pop-up and newer restaurants leverage this to reduce costs and lead up time to their grand opening.

Specific sober bars have also gained traction in certain parts of America. These sober safe havens exist without a drop of alcohol in sight, making it ideal for those in recovery as even a regular bar with non-alcoholic options can lead to impulses and cravings. It may take time for non-alcohol drinks to become a standard inclusion on any menu, but the ball is rolling and quickly gaining speed!

Kick off a Sober New Year at ARC

Depending on your current relationship with alcohol, you may need some help achieving initial sobriety. Many sober curious people struggle to get through the withdrawals that are felt when you stop drinking after a long period of regular consumption. Whether you’re in need of comprehensive rehab for your alcohol use or you simply want help getting sober, America’s Rehab Campus is here for you.

Take a moment to reach out to the ARC team today with any questions on treatment, insurance, or transportation you may have.