Americas Rehab Campuses Podcast the ARCast

Today, America’s Rehab Campuses for addiction treatment is celebrating a major milestone. America’s Rehab Campus is proud to announce its five-year anniversary! Since opening its doors in 2017, ARC has helped residents of Arizona and surrounding states overcome their struggles with substance abuse and addiction.

Over the last five years, ARC’s service to their community has led to thousands of individuals taking control of their lives back from the grasps of addiction. The experience gained from their time honing addiction treatment is paired with the latest methodologies found through modern treatment research.

All of this is thanks to founder Michael Zipprich and his commitment to helping aid the ongoing drug epidemic. He saw the rising need for accessible addiction treatment and began his research in 2014 to find the ideal location before finally opening the ARC doors in 2017. Today, ARC provides holistic addiction treatment starting with medical detox and continuing with aftercare for post-treatment support.

In the last year, America’s Rehab Campus took the opportunity to partner with NFL legend and recovery advocate Vance Johnson to help bring addiction education to more people than ever before. Through hosting talks at national research conventions and speaking to those currently facing addiction, Vance and the ARC team are working to help at-risk individuals identify the signs of addiction and take the measures needed.

ARC’s efforts are more important than ever with the rising numbers of substance abuse propelled by the pandemic showing no signs of slowing. Looking to the future, ARC hopes to promote the use of addiction treatment in those who need it through more community efforts and awareness.

As part of the next chapter in ARC’s legacy, a new podcast is launching today, May 3rd, 2022 from the ARC team! With talks from medical professionals who specialize in the world of addiction treatment, the podcast will share stories of success along with tips and helpful advice for those going down their own road to recovery.

Hear about new advances in addiction treatment from around the world as research continues to unfold. The ARC podcast will have the public’s interest at heart, providing listeners with an opportunity to learn more about the disease that plagues so many Americans. Well-informed conversations from those who share the same goal of having a real-world change on the public’s perception of addiction and rehabilitation.

Whether you’re an ARC alumni, a loved one of someone battling addiction or simply want to stay informed, be sure to listen in on ARC’s first podcast, the ARCast, today May 3rd, 2022. In addition to the podcast, ARC’s website is a great resource to meet the team, reach out online, discover treatment options or read through their blog for even more information on the problems associated with substance abuse.