drug addiction

If you’re entering treatment for a substance use disorder, or SUD, then you’ve likely got sobriety in mind as the primary goal. While achieving initial sobriety is indeed the first step in treatment, the ultimate goal is to help prepare you for long-term sobriety. At America’s Rehab Campus, our treatment programs are individualized to make sure each of our guests gets the exact treatment they need. With that being our goal, we empower guests to set their own both for treatment and for their time after.

How We Work Towards Long Term Sobriety

As a comprehensive treatment and rehab facility, ARC is dedicated to helping those struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. From medical detox to residential treatment and aftercare support, rehab at ARC is meant to equip you with everything you need to live a sober lifestyle.

Part of this is helping to raise awareness through family therapy that lets your loved ones work through the impact your addiction may have had on them. They’ll also learn more about addiction and how to be supportive in order to be there for you when you need a little extra help. Many ARC alumni later return to volunteer as support group leaders, sharing their experience to motivate and teach others going through similar situations.

Remember to Focus On Your Own Goals

All of the work done by the ARC team is to give you the environment and support needed to achieve your own goals, whether they be in life, family, career, or all of the above. Inpatient treatment allows you to live on-site during treatment, removing you from stressors and triggers that often become part of your daily routine. You’ll learn positive coping mechanisms to reduce the urge to drink or use drugs as you’ll have a healthy alternative to turn to.

If your substance abuse started due to trauma or co-occurring mental illness, you may set the goal of working through that with your therapist during treatment. Substance abuse can also lead to negative physical health, so a goal such as daily walks and a healthier diet can help you both recover and go into your sober lifestyle strong. No matter what your goals are, don’t be afraid to share them as there are countless resources available to help you achieve your ideal lifestyle.

Get Help Achieving Your Goals

The hardest part of treatment is getting started, and ARC is here to make that happen. Our individualized treatment programs are paired with a wide range of accepted insurance plans to make rehab more effective and accessible. Available 24/7, you can reach out to the ARC team with any questions or concerns you have on substance abuse treatment.