drug addiction

Whether you’ve experienced it yourself or through someone you know, it’s no secret that getting an addicted individual to agree to treatment can be difficult. Some may fear the withdrawal symptoms that come from breaking drug dependence while others avoid treatment due to the stigma surrounding addiction. No matter what the situation is, addiction should always be met with proper rehab and treatment.

Rehab Is the Start of Your Life’s Story

Being able to commit to rehab is easier said than done for most people. What they don’t realize is that drug rehab is about more than simply getting clean. Individualized treatment programs such as those found at America’s Rehab Campus go beyond getting you off drugs and help you create a foundation to build a sober lifestyle upon.

Breaking Down How Rehab Builds You Up

There are three main chapters of the drug addiction rehab story that sets it apart from less comprehensive treatment provided by detox clinics and hospitals.

Chapter 1: Safely Ending Drug Use

Putting a stop to drug use can be difficult or even impossible depending on the individual’s home life. If there’s no support system or others continue to use drugs at home, relapse is extremely common and expected. Rehab separates the individual from a negative and toxic environment to give them the chance they need to push through detox and avoid added temptation. Medical detox is used to diminish withdrawal symptoms for a safe and comfortable detox.

Chapter 2: Learning About Addiction and You

After the dependence on drugs is broken in detox, you’ll start working with mental health professionals to understand what addiction is and how it’s impacted you and those around you. You’ll uncover the driving forces that led you to drug use and how to address them in a positive way that promotes growth and healing. Understanding your unique relationship with addiction is crucial to overcoming future cravings and impulses while also avoiding their triggers.

Chapter 3: Developing Healthy Habits

It’s common for addicted individuals to forgo self-care while they’re in the throes of addiction. Proper diet, exercise and hygiene not only make you healthier, but they help you build self-worth and confidence that translates into motivation to stay sober after treatment. The accountability from your rehab team also carries over into your normal life as the discipline you’ve learned will have plenty of applications to practice it in. New routines often mean new employment as well and ARC’s rehab programs include resume and career skill building classes to prepare you.

Chapter 4: Maintaining Balance After Rehab

Slipping back into old habits is a concern for many drug rehab clients. Being back in the same settings around the same friends quickly puts you in the same mindset you were in during drug abuse. In order to remain sober and keep your existing relationships, you’ll need to set healthy boundaries. Counseling sessions help you learn where the lines need to be drawn and how to enforce set consequences if they’re crossed. An example boundary would be requesting that a loved one no longer uses drugs around you with the consequence being that you’ll no longer engage with them unless they’re sober.

Get a Headstart on Your Recovery Journey

America’s Rehab Campus is here to help you and your loved ones move on from addiction and towards a happy ending of sobriety and happiness. We accept most insurance plans and even offer financing options to make treatment as accessible as possible. Learn more about our programs or schedule a consultation by contacting our intake specialists today.