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We, at America’s Rehab Campuses, know how difficult it for drug-addicted individuals to admit that they have an addiction problem and to have the courage to seek treatment. We fully understand that they feel alone and isolated, which is why we advise them to never burn their family and community bridges while receiving detox and addiction treatment in our Tucson rehab facilities.

Addiction affects the family and members of the community and not just the drug-addicted individual. For instance, drug-dependent parents can emotionally and psychologically hurt their children because of their addictive behavior. They also affect the community when they skip work, cause disturbances, or influence others to try using drugs as well.

How Can the Family and Community Help in Addiction Recovery?

Considering how an individual’s addictive behavior is impacting the people around him, it may cause him to burn family and community bridges as soon as they seek detox and addiction treatment in our Tucson rehab facilities because of shame and guilt. What our treatment team at America’s Rehab Campuses stress, however, is that instead of detaching themselves, they should engage the help of their family and community in their addiction recovery journey.

If you are suffering from substance abuse disorder and inclined to live in seclusion during rehab treatment, you should refrain from doing so since your family and community can help in the following ways:

  • Social Support- You may feel depressed and alone while undergoing treatment and even afterward. This reaction is understandable considering how your life used to revolve around drug use and once you get rid of it, you suddenly have too much time on your hands. A caring community and family members can help you cope during this challenging time. They can offer friendship and support so that you would feel a sense of belonging and inclusion. You can talk to them about your feelings and troubles instead of relying on drugs to make you feel better.
  • Relapse Prevention- Since addiction is a chronic disease, you can never be too complacent after completing your rehab treatment. Numerous studies suggest that as much as 70% to 90% of drug-addicted individuals experience mild to moderate slip and about 50% even go back to heavy use after rehab. Your family and community can help you maintain long-term sobriety by spending time with you and helping you make better choices.
  • Promoting Accountability- During and after inpatient treatment, you need your family and community to encourage you to take responsibility for your behavior and choices. You need to make a lifestyle change if you want to maintain long-term abstinence. With groups of concerned people looking out after you, you would be prompted to complete your plan rather than continuously put off the changes you want to make. Your family and community will not only keep you accountable but will motivate you to work harder and continue to be better.

Trust us at America’s Rehab Campuses to accompany you in your addiction recovery journey. Our staff is not only fully-licensed and highly-experienced but caring and compassionate as well. We are more than just an organization; we are a supportive community.

Tucson Rehab Facilities