Treatment for Alcohol Addiction Orange County

We have been using alcohol for so long that we are no longer able to see past its apparent benign effects. People tend to ignore the dangers lurking in a glass of liquor, similar to a shark stalking a surfer from beneath the dark waters. And we, at America’s Rehab Campuses, have seen the full extent of the damages – they are subtle at first but will advance to horrifying proportions over short periods of time.

The moment a patient desperately needs treatment for alcohol addiction in Orange County is a moment too late. Compared to opioids, which will instill the addictive behavior shortly after beginning the use, alcohol will take its time, but will eventually reach that point sooner or later. According to a study on the issue, it has been discovered that genetic inheritance makes up for about 50% to 60% of the individual’s tendency towards alcoholism.

But even without that factor stacking in, people can become alcoholics just as easy. It is enough for the right trap to be set at the right time. Extended research on the subject has highlighted some of the most common factors that are known to contribute to inducing alcoholism over time.

These include:

  • Parents abusing alcohol – When at least one of the parents is alcoholic, the chance for the child to evolve into one will increase significantly. Although there are no specific numbers to be mentioned, experts have identified a direct causality between having an alcoholic parent and the increased risk of the children following the example. The risk grows when both parents are alcoholics.
  • Parental abuse – It is one of the most dangerous factors, leading many people not only to treatment for alcohol addiction in Orange County but to a point where they will require psychological counseling as well. Many adults will show symptoms of PTSD, alcoholism and drug addiction, along with other mental disorders, all linked to childhood trauma due to familial physical or psychological abuse.
  • Lack of proper education – Yet another factor linked to the lack of parental responsibility. Uneducated children will grow into ignorant adults, making all the wrong choices and falling victims to a lot of avoidable harmful situations – alcoholism included. Here we include teenagers ending up in the wrong social circles and getting life advice from the wrong people, which is always a recipe for disaster.
  • Self-treating mental disorders – Many people begin drinking as a consequence of anxiety, depression, or other psychiatric disorders or emotional trauma. Alcoholics are always formed, not born, and looking to treat any affection with the use of alcohol is the worst possible decision because liquor never treats anything – it only makes things worse.

Many other factors are contributing to the situation, and it doesn’t seem like things are slowing down. Over 88,000 people die every year in the US due to alcoholism and alcohol abuse, which shows the need for proper treatment for alcohol addiction in Orange County. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we are determined to change these numbers and make a difference in a world where alcohol is the most benign damaging substance we know.