Rehab San Diego

What makes people resort to substance abuse and how can we prevent it? A 2-in-1 question with significant implications when looking to improve the rehabilitation process. Detecting the underlying problems drawing people to this self-destructive behavior is not only desirable but necessary for substance rehabilitation to be effective. We have seen many addicts come and go at America’s Rehab Campuses and each of them had a disheartening story to tell.

For the most part, those seeking rehab in San Diego only sign in the program as a last resort. Nobody goes through rehabilitation willingly, unless they absolutely must do so. And, in each case, there is always a backstory linked to their fall, which needs addressing.

Multiple studies on the subject have shown that the most common reasons why people begin abusing drugs or alcohol include:

  • Self-treating severe health conditions – Patients with cancer, depression or chronic pain show a higher risk of developing substance use disorder, usually involving multiple drugs. Thanks to their neurological mechanism, opioids will deliver great pain-numbing effects, which is a valuable aspect for millions of Americans for whom chronic pain has become part of their lives.
  • Emotional trauma – Everybody will experience some emotional trauma at one point in their lives. Sometimes, though, the experience can be so brutal and intense that it may cause profound psychological damages. Unguided and uncared for, many individuals will seek their comfort in drugs or alcohol, unwillingly worsening their situation.
  • Damaged childhood – Childhood abuse, whether sexual, purely physical or psychological, will leave its mark on the victim’s mind and behavior for years to come. Many of these adults will end up in a program of substance rehab in San Diego at some point.
  • Lack of parental care – A self-educating child, is always a recipe for disaster. Many children and young adults over the age of 12 will resort to personal experimentation as means of understanding the world around them. The attraction exhibited by mind-bending narcotics and alcohol can be particularly powerful during those vulnerable years of their life.

In the end, there are many motives why people fall prey to sometimes apparent threats, such as illicit drugs and excessive alcohol intake and no rehab program can be truly useful without addressing them first. Sadly, not even this will guarantee the success of the rehabilitation process.

The truth about drug and alcohol rehab

The reality is there’s no magic solution. People come to the rehab hoping that experts will take care of their problem for them and that’s not how that works. The most proficient rehab programs will rely on multiple treatment procedures, including emotional trauma therapy, spiritual support, and psychological counseling, but their success ultimately depends on the patient.

A program of rehab in San Diego is only valid when the patient is ready for a change and fights to make it happen. America’s Rehab Campuses is one of the few locations where people come to rediscover themselves and learn how to live their life to the fullest. We help patients not only escape addiction but rebuild their future as healthy, happier human beings as well.