Rehab Drug Orange County

Several decades into the war against drugs and we’ve finally realized that addiction is more than just a mental problem – it is a social one as well. Despite that, not all people recognize the dangers, showing that there’s something we sorely need in our society – education. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we are doing just that – raising awareness about the dangers of addiction and educating people on the true nature of the disorder.

In most cases, the detox program is not enough to effectively control and treat drug addiction. Other approaches are needed, and our rehab drug in Orange County will consider several when laying out the treatment plan, including:

  • The patient’s mental state – Patients with psychiatric disorders preexistent to the substance abuse will find themselves in a more dangerous situation than others. We already know that opioids will often worsen the symptoms of these disorders in some cases while masking them in others. Both situations are equally harmful because they make the screening process more difficult. As a result, the patients who show signs of mental disorders will also receive dual-diagnosis treatments.
  • The clinical and social background – Studies have suggested that genetic inheritance can account for up to 60% of the individual’s predisposition towards addictive behavior. The rest of the 40% consists of environmental factors like emotional trauma, childhood abuse, chronic illnesses, other medications contributing to the addiction and so on. Breaking all these factors down can make the difference between an effective treatment and one that could make things worse.
  • The patient’s profile – Multiple aspects can build a unique profile for our patients, including their job, their education, their social life, and family, as well as their personality and relationships to those around them. Every rehab drug in Orange County will take these pieces of information and use them to build therapeutic activities and counseling sessions according to the individual’s profile.

What this shows is that addiction is not the patient’s fault. Individuals will play the decisive role before addiction hits, when drug abuse is, more or less, a matter of choice. But when addiction sets in, everything will start going downhill, despite the patient’s opposition. Opioids will change the way the brain functions, paralyzing the addict’s will and drastically altering his behavior and personality.

Nationwide, over 21 million Americans are known to suffer from substance use disorder, showing the full impact of drug addiction. The good news is that we can successfully treat addiction no matter how advanced it is. So long as the patient shows determination and sticks to the rehab program, our experts will make sure they will come out clean.

Every drug rehab in Orange County focuses on reaching more people today than ever, stressing the importance of education, prevention, and early treatments in fighting the disease. At America’s Rehab Campuses, our team of specialists is ready for every scenario, armed with knowledge, experience, and passion. If you want to leave addiction behind once and for all, this is where you need to be.