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The drug rehabilitation process is one that requires a lot of sophisticated approaches. Even starting with the 1970s, the need for a multi-layer approach regarding drug addiction treatments were becoming visible. As time passed, more treating methods have been adopted and improved, and institutions like America’s Rehab Campuses makes use of all assets in hand for making sure the outcome lives up to the expectations.

This tactic can also be seen in all accredited rehab centers in Tucson as the influx of patients keeps growing by the year. With the drug market costing the healthcare system over $11 billion yearly and with approximately 65,000 drug-related deaths and 80,000 alcohol-related deaths in the US each year, the situation couldn’t have been more dramatic.

And, although recent researchers have identified a decrease in the number of drug addicts overall, the same studies have identified a worrying trend regarding an increase in the number of occasional drug consumers. Especially among the American youth. Combining this with the highly addictive nature of substances like opioids and psychostimulants, as well as with the brutality of the withdrawal symptoms and the almost inevitable relapse effect, results in a gloomy perspective of the future.

One that cannot be allowed to become a reality.

Everything about the rehabilitation process

Being exclusively oriented towards efficiency and aiming at helping the individual reintegrate into the society again, any modern rehabilitation process needs to undergo several standard stages:

The clinical treatment

This is the initial stage where medication is required to counter the symptoms of addiction, keep withdrawal in control and prevent relapse. Three essential goals present in all rehab centers in Tucson.

Educational plans

The patient must be informed of the dangers of substance abuse, both immediately and on the long-term. This will help create a solid base of knowledge and raise awareness about the damaging potential of illicit drugs, alcohol, prescription opioids or any other substance, when consumed in excess, or when addiction occurs.

Cognitive and Rational-Emotive Behavioral Therapies

These are the next logical step and probably the most effective in dispelling the effects of drug abuse. Addiction is mostly a mental process, where the brain’s chemistry is changed, and it ends up affecting thinking, as well as emotional display. Behavioral therapies are needed to counter long-term affections like anxiety, lack of self-confidence, pessimism and a feeling of helplessness and lack of belonging.

Individual and group counseling

Whenever something goes wrong with the recovery plan, recovery sessions are put in place for the specialist to identify the problems. Group counseling is even more critical because they allow family and even friends to take part and share any useful information about the patient that can lead to a faster recovery. Also, the mental and spiritual support of the loved ones weighs quite heavy in balance in the fight against addiction.

These are strategies that all rehab centers in Tucson bow by, including institutions like America’s Rehab Campuses, which prioritize the patient’s wellbeing more than anything. The war on drugs can only be won with commitment, professionalism, and persistence.

Rehab Centers Tucson