Los Angeles Drug Rehab

It is a well-known fact that drugs are hazardous to one’s health. Most people do not know the extent of harm drugs can induce once it takes over their life. America’s Rehab Campuses is among the few institutions where the rehab programs have been built to address all the consequences of drug abuse and addiction, both direct and indirect.

The best Los Angeles drug rehab treatments are those that focus on the three main areas where drug addiction will deliver its heaviest blows: physical health, mental integrity, and the social environment the patient lives in. Unfortunately, the consequences of drug abuse are not limited to the physical symptomatology. Otherwise, drug addiction would be easy to treat.

The more severe aspects of the disorder are its psychological and social ripples. For this reason, those who end up in the more advanced stages of addiction will experience:

  • Drastic behavioral changes – Narcotics and psycho-stimulants severely affect the brain’s chemistry by binding to the opioid receptors and forcing the nervous system to produce large amounts of dopamine. In time, the brain will begin to develop tolerance, requiring more of the substance for the same effects. And the more the disorder progresses, the more the patient will start to show signs of aggression, apathy, irritability, mood swings, incoherent thinking, all combined with the compulsive craving for the substance.
  • Problems at work or in the education system – The addict’s cognitive functioning will become severely affected, to the point where he will be unable to focus, will experience memory losses, and will have his professional skills slowly wearing off as a consequence. Many of those who’ve already joined the Los Angeles drug rehab programs have admitted drug addiction affected their jobs and their educational endeavors.
  • Family issues – It is common for drug addicts to lose the support of their friends and family, primarily due to their ever-increasing financial problems and to the fact that their personality will change dramatically. The implications are profound because addiction is a mental disorder that can quickly progress to more destructive stages in the presence of emotional and spiritual trauma, like those coming with failed marriages.

These complex aspects show the need for equally complex treatments that would approach each problem from multiple angles. Modern rehab programs stress the importance of helping the patient develop coping skills so that he could put his life in order. Studies have shown who receive psychological and emotional support during their recovery will show more determination in fighting with addiction and will have a lower risk of relapsing once the treatment is over.

Even so, the majority of the patients relapse within the first 12 months after the rehab program, at which point they will have to start all over again. This is why here, at America’s Rehab Campuses, we use some of the most advanced Los Angeles drug rehab treatments to repel addiction and prevent the relapse for as much as possible. Fighting addiction is by no means easy, but it’s the only way of getting your life back.