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Nothing is more effective at destroying people’s lives than substance abuse. Whether we are talking about opioids, psychostimulants, alcohol, sedatives or anything in between, addiction can cause permanent damages in almost all aspects of the patient’s life: physically, emotionally and mentally, socially and so on. Institutions like America’s Rehab Campuses are treating addiction with the utmost respect because it is a mental and physical condition with humble and subtle beginnings, but with devastating, potentially lethal endings.

IOP rehab in Tucson has several approaches meant to counter and reverse the damages done by substance abuse, regardless of their nature. In 2015, for instance, in the US there were 15 million people with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). Out of the 15 million, approximately 620,000 had ages between 12 and 17. About 88,000 Americans die each year due to alcohol-related health problems, and it is no wonder seeing as only 5% of those suffering from AUD undergo any treatment each year.

And these figures are only related to alcohol consumption. If we are to introduce illicit drugs and prescription opioids into the equation, the costs of substance abuse damages related to work productivity, crime, and health care will exceed $500 billion. And this is just in the US. It goes without saying that measures need to be taken and the first line of defense relies on adopting functional, effective rehabilitation programs.

Unpacking the rehab system

One of the most significant dangers when it comes to dealing with substance abuse is the addiction, followed by withdrawal and relapse. Withdrawal intervenes when the patient ceases the drug or alcohol intake for a period between 4-6 to 24 hours and can deliver quite severe physiological and mental symptoms, including (as noted by all certified institutions dealing with IOP rehab in Tucson):

  • Shaking or incontrollable member movements
  • Headaches, nausea, vomiting
  • Anxiety, restlessness, and depression, sometimes lasting for days or even weeks in a row
  • Alcohol or drug cravings, sometimes reaching paroxysm

The intensity and the duration of the withdrawal symptoms differ according to the length of time-related to substance consumption, the type of drug used, the method of administration, genetical factors and clinical aspects linked to physical or mental health.

Aside from withdrawal, relapse is another major problem, one that could make the entire rehabilitation process worthless. Regression refers to addicts resuming their addiction shortly after the treatment has been completed. Research has shown that over 85% of those undergoing rehabilitation programs relapse within the first year of the program’s completion.

With such grim statistics, it is evident that the approaches need to be swift and effective and they are. IOP rehab in Tucson considers all aspects and stresses the need to reintegrate the patient into the society more than anything else. This requires both breaking down addiction and preventing relapse at the same time. It is the only way for the addicts to return to their healthy lives.

America’s Rehab Campuses aims to protect the society and accompany individuals on the journey of their lives. On out of which they must emerge victoriously.

IOP Rehab Tucson