Inpatient Drug Rehab Los Angeles

Many people think of addiction as if it were a choice. But blaming the addict will help no one because addiction is a disease, a mental disorder keeping the patient trapped in a loop of drug abuse, withdrawal symptoms, and suffering. America’s Rehab Campuses is an institution where patients come to find salvation and where, with a bit of determination and focus, they will find it.

The inpatient drug rehab in Los Angeles works with the patient to get the desired results, and this is where people usually get it wrong. The rehabilitation treatment cannot function without the patient’s cooperation. No matter how valid the procedures are, if the patient is not cooperative, he will relapse soon after the program’s completion. Approximately 66% of the addicts relapse while still in the program, usually several weeks in. Paradoxically, this number increases to 85% or more after the rehabilitation has completed.

This is why the inpatient program has been built. It relies on higher control, constant supervision, and permanent care to make sure the disorder’s manifestations are kept in check. The rehab team comprises clinicians, family therapists, care coordinators, psychologists and therapeutic fitness specialists, among others, all set to ensure the program’s success.

The inpatient treatment program consists of several distinct stages:

  • The detoxification process – There is no standard definition of how long the chemical detox should last because every situation is different. Many factors can influence the process, including the genetic makeup of the addict, the general health status, how long he’s been abusing the substance, the type of substance being used and the method of ingestion and so on. Sometimes it can last for weeks, other times for months.
  • Individual therapy sessions – Every inpatient drug rehab in Los Angeles offers individual counseling, aiming to analyze the patient’s background, address emotional trauma, and treating the underlying factors that may be responsible for the addictive behavior.
  • Group therapy – During this stage, the psychologists will cover problems like anxiety, depression, anger management, emotional abuse, along with any other mental and emotional difficulties preventing the addict from recovering.
  • Holistic activities – Drugs destroy the human spirit before they destroy the body and healing it is a strenuous and challenging process. Events such as expressive arts, recovery meditation, yoga, and equine services are perfect to help the patient experience physical and emotional pleasure, heal the mind, and destroy the drugs’ influence.
  • Aftercare and relapse prevention – No rehab program wouldn’t be complete without extensive aftercare and relapse prevention. The specialists will educate the patient on the dangers of drug abuse, will help him develop coping mechanisms, and will teach him the social skills needed to become a productive member of society again.

The inpatient drug rehab in Los Angeles is the best option for patients in advanced stages of drug addiction. Self-treating the disorder can only open the door for more problems, increasing the risk of overdosing and complications along the way. America’s Rehab Campuses has a team of experts ready to take on any challenge. We have the knowledge, the means, and the passion required, and we only have one goal – save people’s lives.