Drug Rehab Newport Beach

We have been fighting against the drug market for decades now, and it still looks like we haven’t made any progress at all. But why is that? How come we cannot the drug traffic and how can we stop people from moving towards their deaths willingly? We can see prohibition doesn’t work too effectively. It didn’t work during the 1920-1933 alcohol ban in the US, and it doesn’t work with drugs today. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we know there’s only one solution to the problem – education.

Educating people will keep them away from drug rehab in Newport Beach, which is why we consider education to be the most effective anti-drug mechanism we have at our disposal. And, when it comes to informing society about the dangers of drug abuse, an exhaustive approach is necessary.

This requires addressing the issue from three different perspectives:

  1. The effects of drugs on the individual
  2. The effects of drugs on society
  3. The specifics of the rehabilitation system

Each of these perspectives will offer unique vantage points on one of the worst diseases of the modern American society. With that in mind, let’s start with the first one.

1. The effects of drugs on the individual

Here we have immediate and long-term side-effects, with the latter including seizures, dementia, heart disease, stroke, a higher risk of sudden death and overdoses. Without signing in with a program of drug rehab in Newport Beach, the addict has little if any chance of getting out alive. His physical and mental health will deteriorate gradually to the point where he will become unrecognizable.

This is where friends and family will slowly withdraw their financial and moral support, further driving the addict onto a path of depression and misery. In the long run, drugs will make life not worth living anymore.

2. The effects of drugs on society

The data gathered over years of studies and research shows that:

  • 27 million people or more use illicit drugs every year in the US
  • 6.5 million people use prescription drugs for recreational purposes
  • Those abusing painkillers, sedatives, stimulants or other prescription medication are four times more likely to switch to heroin or opioids eventually
  • Around 22 million people show signs of substance use disorder every year, yet only 10% of them receive the proper treatment in a professional institution
  • The drug industry damages the US’s economy by nearly $200 billion every year

This is the point where the real magnitude of the situation begins to show.

3. The specifics of the rehabilitation system

Research shows that approximately 85% of the drug and alcohol addicts will relapse after the rehab program has finished. The majority of them, around 60% or more, will relapse within the first three to four weeks into the treatment. This shows that the more advanced the addiction is, the more difficult the rehab process will be.

The programs of drug rehab in Newport Beach developed here, at America’s Rehab Campuses, consist of multiple innovative approaches, including psychotherapies, holistic activities, family counseling, private rehab and so on. But, above everything else, our primary goal is to inform people. Information is power – use it!