Drug Rehab Los Angeles

Drugs are currently infecting our society more than any other disease throughout history, and we don’t seem to we have a definitive solution to the matter. Statistics show that drug abuse, in the case of both illicit and prescription-based substances, causes economic damages of over $190 billion in the US. Furthermore, despite numerous anti-drug campaigns and countless modifications in the legislation, things don’t look like they changed too much. We, America’s Rehab Campuses, recognize this as a significant problem.

The many programs of drug rehab in Los Angeles are proof that things keep sliding in the wrong direction. You would think that the numerous studies on the subject, exposing the horrific results of drug addiction, along with the countless cases of drug addicts confirming the theories would suffice in making anyone realize the truth. And, yet, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

We, humans, have developed two ways of learning: through personal experience and the experience of others. You cannot erase one of the options, doesn’t matter which, and remain a successful, fully functional individual at the same time. So, why do people ignore others’ experiences and decide to take the risk anyway? The answer is clear – because of the fascination drugs exert over us.

The white death

The first thing you notice when snorting or injecting a dose of opioids is the sensory distortion. Visual cues change dramatically; the physical pain goes away, the mind relaxes and slips out of reality, and your entire perception of what’s real mingles with imagination for a mind-bending effect. These symptoms, however fascinating, indicate the fact that the substance has begun altering your brain’s chemistry.

In time, these effects decrease in intensity, as your brain develops tolerance to the substance, forcing you to increase the dose, and bringing you one step closer to your doom. And this is where the game of smoke and mirrors will end and the road to the drug rehab in Los Angeles will begin. In time, these effects won’t matter anymore because others will become prevalent:

The withdrawal symptoms taking over, including nausea, headaches, vomiting, uncontrollable shaking, irritability, apathy and depression to name a few:

  • Financial problems will begin to spiral out of control
  • Social duties will come second to procuring and consuming drugs
  • Patients will lose their families and friends in the process
  • Legal issues will arrive, usually linked to engaging in socially dangerous behaviors like driving while intoxicated, violence, threatening conduct and so on
  • Addicts will become unable to keep their jobs and remain productive members of society anymore
  • Physical and mental health will degrade dramatically over time
  • The risk of heart disease, stroke, drug overdose, irreparable liver damages and dementia will increase tenfold

Looking at all these potential repercussions, we find it odd to see people keep using poisons as means of recreation. The best programs of drug rehab in Los Angeles stress the importance of educating people on these matters, which is what we are doing every day at America’s Rehab Campuses. Education is the absolute best tool for controlling and limiting the influence of these substances in our modern society. Stay informed and stay safe!