Drug Rehab Centers Los Angeles

Despite being in the public’s attention for so many years, drug addiction remains a sensitive subject to this day. People still fall victim to drug abuse every day, despite the numerous campaigns raising awareness on the subject. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we see people’s lives being destroyed every day, with only a fraction of them being able to find redemption.

Regardless of the many drug rehab centers in Los Angeles, as well as all over the nation, only 10% of the people showing signs of drug use disorder ever get the help they need. That’s just about two million Americans, out of 22 million in need for urgent treatment. Substance addiction is a serious matter, whether we are talking about illicit drugs, prescription painkillers, and sedatives, alcohol or anything in between.

As studies have shown, people resort to drug use for many reasons including the need to fit in, out of curiosity or just looking for better solutions to mental disorders like depression, epilepsy and so on. But one of the scariest aspects of drug addiction is that there are so many young patients who are utterly oblivious to the dangers. This brings us to the top, most influential factor keeping the drug industry alive – lack of education.

Ignorance can have dire consequences, and we can see that every day. Not knowing how dangerous the drugs are, how they function, how and when to use them, can inflict lethal results. For this reason, the best drug rehab centers in Los Angeles will consider that educating people on the subject is probably the most potent mechanism of prevention we have.

Misconceptions can be fatal

Albeit there are countless informative campaigns regarding the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse, misconceptions are still more widespread than facts, especially among the youth. To put that out of the way, here are some brutal wake-up calls:

  • You can become addicted at your first try
  • There is a risk to receive an overdose and experience heart or respiratory failure during your first dose
  • Everybody can become addicted, no matter how young, how healthy or how strong-willed
  • Addiction is a psychological disorder, meaning you cannot control your cravings and you cannot reform your addictive behavior through sheer willpower
  • Prescription painkillers are just as dangerous as illicit narcotics when consumed for recreational reasons
  • Addicts will end up losing their jobs, their families, and, in many cases, their will to live
  • Opioids will cause irreparable organ damages in the long run, destroying the liver, the brain, the respiratory system and increase the risk of developing cancer and dementia as a plus
  • Drug addicts will live shorter lives, buried in physical and mental suffering, most of the times alone and uncared for

These are crude facts all drug rehab centers in Los Angeles are well-aware of. Now it’s the best time to change your life for the better, quit drugs, and come to America’s Rehab Centers for diagnosis and honest, open talk about your options and your future. You may never get this chance ever again, so take it while you can!