Drug and Alcohol Rehab Orange County

The truth about addiction, also known as substance used disorder or SUD, is that it lasts a lifetime with no true cure. Even after living a sober life for years, impulses and cravings can sneak up during times of stress or hardship. America’s Rehab Campus hopes to change the perception of addiction to show those struggling that there’s always hope by offering our services across a wide region, even acting as the drug rehab Orange County residents desperately need right now.

What many Americans don’t realize is that addiction is more than a matter of will power. Those who suffer from SUD aren’t weak or unmotivated to overcome their condition. Rather, they are decisions and actions are skewed by their brain’s dependency on drug use to function properly. Even if they stop, it could have drastic side effects if not done under the supervision of medical professionals.

Education Is the Strongest Weapon Against Addiction

Using similar treatment methods as a drug rehab in Orange County, ARC is able to increase the success rate of patients through education and multiple types of therapy. Those with loved ones close to them can even include their family members to increase their knowledge on addiction and the recovery process.

Patients have a much lower chance at relapse if they’re able to return to a supportive home compared to those who may have a toxic environment they still need to get out of. Removing yourself from a setting rife with drug use can stop addiction from worsening, but doing so can be a challenge if you don’t know the signs you should be looking for.

Understanding the Signs and Stages of Addiction

The earlier one can intervene in a forming addiction, the better chances of a successful recovery. A trend seen by ARC is that many of those who need drug rehab in Orange County come to our facility in the late stages of addiction. Withdrawal symptoms worsen over time which puts these patients at risk of life-threatening side effects.

It Starts as Casual Consumption

A single beer to unwind after work isn’t anything too concerning until it turns into a habit. That one beer turns into two, then three and so on until drinking becomes a requirement in the individual’s mind. The same goes for drugs, even those taken with a valid prescription as certain opioids and painkillers quickly form dependencies within the brain.

Ending in Dependence and Addiction

When someone is dependent on drugs, it means their central nervous system has adjusted how it functions to accommodate the presence of drugs. To put it simply, it quits producing certain chemicals like dopamine as drug use floods the brain with it. Withdrawal is the period when the brain learns how to operate on its own again.

For a safe detox and withdrawal, America’s Rehab Campus leverages medical detox to thwart even the most severe withdrawal symptoms. Reach out to our team today for a free consultation to learn more about ARC’s treatment programs.