Best Addiction Treatment Centers Orange County

In a world ravaged by drugs and alcohol, the best treatment programs must be the most innovative. The biggest problem with addiction is that it brings down even the strongest, healthiest individuals, reducing them to the status of victims before they even realize it. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we have seen people of all ages, constitutions, and social statuses, all going through the same experiences; the disease has no preference.

The best addiction treatment centers in Orange County are those where people don’t come only for a swift detoxification session. Addiction doesn’t just poison the body, but it also infects the mind and the spirit, reducing people to shadows of former selves. As specified by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), close to 23 million American people were in need of urgent rehabilitation treatment for a substance use disorder – 41% of them for alcohol, with the rest of 59% being related to opioids, marijuana, prescription painkillers, sedatives and other substances.

Unfortunately, only about 10% of them received the treatment they need, meaning that there have been over 20 million Americans that were slowly sliding away on a slope of physical, mental and spiritual degradation. Since then, nothing much has changed, which is why the need for innovation in the realm of substance rehabilitation is more prevalent now than ever.

How can you cure substance addiction?

So far as we know, there are no ways of curing this mental disorder. What we can do, however, is to control the manifestations of the disease. The patient may never escape the cravings lurking in the darkest corners of his mind. The best addiction treatment centers in Orange County, however, will teach him how to control them, how to ignore the urges, shed the poisonous skin of addiction and slowly rebuild his life and his composure drugs and alcohol may have stolen from him.

To this date, some of the best rehabilitation procedures include:

  • The inpatient rehab program – This stage is put in place when the addict requires immediate hospitalization, along with a stricter degree of control and supervision. Those who are already in advanced stages of the disease will always go through this phase first, where withdrawal symptoms are being treated, and where behavioral and psychological therapies aim at deconstructing the substance’s effects.
  • The outpatient program – It is reserved for both those who graduate the inpatient phase first, and who no longer require 24/7 supervision, and those who must fulfill their social obligations. Patients will only come to appointed sessions but will not spend the night at the institution.
  • The residential program – It is meant for high profile patients, businessmen and businesswomen, executives and so on; people who cannot absent from their professional duties. They will be given access to internet, phone, laptops and will have the freedom to keep track of their obligations around the clock.

The best addiction treatment centers in Orange County, America’s Rehab Campuses included, treat the people, not the disease. Eliminating the sickness will do nothing if people don’t learn how to cope with the tendency to relapse, how to become socially active again and how to enjoy life as they once did.