Alcohol Rehab San DiegoThe most dangerous aspect of alcohol is that people take it for granted. The majority of the American population consumes alcohol, oblivious to the fact that the safer doses are almost non-existent. The notion of “safe alcohol consumption” is volatile and hard to define, especially in a society where alcohol use disorders are more common than we’d like. America’s Rehab Campuses is one of the few institutions where alcohol use is given the attention it deserves.

The programs of alcohol rehab in San Diego have been developed to deal with an ever-growing dangerous social situation where alcohol abuse is, in many cases, considered normal. But there is nothing normal or risk-free about it.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reported that in 2015:

  • Almost 87% of the Americans over 18-years old consume alcohol occasionally
  • 27% of people have engaged in binge drinking (consuming enough alcohol to increase its concentration in the blood to 0.08 g/dL; that’s about five drinks consumed in two hours or less) or heavy alcohol use (binge drinking five or more times per month)
  • Over 15 million adults showed signs of alcohol use disorder (AUD), and only less than 7% of them usually receive the treatment they need
  • 623,000 young adults between 12 and 17-years old had AUD
  • The economic burden of alcohol exceeds $240 billion in the US alone
  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), drinking is responsible for over 200 diseases, including heart disease, dementia, cirrhosis, cancer and injury-related affections

These statistics show why the programs of alcohol rehab in San Diego play such a significant role in trying to regulate a situation that seems to have gone out of control. And with over 88,000 alcohol-related deaths every year, the magnitude of the problem is scary.

Why is alcohol consumption bad?

This question goes to the bottom of the problem because this is what young adults lack regarding mechanisms of self-protection – education. Visualizing the dangers is the first step in being able to prevent them and, with alcohol, there are a few to keep in mind, including:

  • It changes the brain’s chemistry – Alcohol functions like a drug. Regular alcohol abuse will disrupt the brain’s normal functioning, causing the drinkers to become more aggressive, develop anxiety or depression, and engage in risky behaviors more often than if they were sober.
  • It wears down the body and the mind – Heavy drinkers begin to lose weight, will have a less effective immune system, and will look older as alcohol will affect the skin’s health and elasticity. And that’s without mentioning the extensive organ damages occurring with time.
  • It will trigger addiction – Addiction is always a significant danger, affecting millions of all ages and races. Addiction is a mental disorder that can only be treated through professional programs of alcohol rehab in San Diego. When ignored, it will eventually cause massive health and social problems, with death being the final stage.

America’s Rehab Campuses fights against alcohol addiction with some of the most modern tools in the field of medicine and psychology. We never underestimate alcohol and neither should you. It can destroy your life in an instant.