Addiction Rehabilitation Center Orange County

People prefer pleasure over pain. It’s just natural. We favor health over illness, life over death. It’s just how we are made. Whenever this natural order of things is disrupted, it throws our whole system out of balance. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we have been studying ways to circumvent this natural mechanism…and how we can prevent it from promoting addictive behavior.

All Orange County rehabilitation centers have to contend with the same issue–the brain’s natural proclivity towards pleasure-inducing behaviors, such as drug use. You might think that a person’s brain would tell them to shy away from drug use because of the physical and psychological suffering drug use can cause. While that’s certainly true, the biology of the brain is structured to register immediate responses, not long-term results.

When a person encounters a situation that give them extreme pleasure, their nervous system will file that action away as a desirable experience and cause the person to remember it as such. That’s why people tend to repeat experiences like eating their favorite foods, having sex and hanging out with people their like.

Our brains produce a chemical called dopamine to “mark” these pleasurable experiences as ones worth repeating. Dopamine also offers a myriad of immediate benefits, such as pain relief and intense mental pleasure and satisfaction. Drugs like ecstasy, cocaine, Adderall, methamphetamine and other similar substances cause the brain to release massive amounts of dopamine, and thus tell the brain it wants to repeat…and repeat taking these drugs.

Why is addiction so deadly?

A professional Orange County addiction rehabilitation center, such as America’s Rehab Campus, can be a be an addict’s best chance at preventing impending death. Opioids and psycho-stimulants trick the brain into associating the dopamine-producing effect of the drug use with a pleasurable experience. As a result, the addict becomes a prisoner to his cravings, and is faced with extreme physical and/or psychological withdrawal symptoms if he or she tries to quit taking the drugs.

Types of addiction

There are three types of addiction that, in the more advanced stages, will render the individual unable to fight back anymore:

Physical addiction – Physical addiction is when a person’s body needs the substance in order to keep functioning somewhat normally. When there’s not a sufficient amount of drug in an addict’s systems, withdrawal occurs, causing symptoms like vomiting and nausea, irritability, paranoia and hallucinations.
Psychological addiction – Psychological addition is when a person is able to think about little except for the drugs. They take over his mind entirely, rendering him unable to focus on any other task or social commitment.
Spiritual addiction – Spiritual addition is probably the worse type of addiction because it represents the inability of a person to experience pleasure in any other way than by injecting, smoking or snorting one more dose of poison. It’s a vicious circle that’s extremely difficult to break.

America’s Rehab Campuses is a professional and compassionate addiction rehabilitation center in Orange County, whose purpose is to combat these three stages of addiction with the help of the world’s most modern and innovative treatment programs. Substance use disorder is a complex and deadly disease, but it can be overcome, so long as you act promptly. Call us to today to get started on your new drug-free life.