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Whether you’re seeking out alcohol detox in Arizona for you or someone you care about, it can feel like an overwhelming task. Proper detox is a key component in a successful recovery, making the detox center you use an important decision.

There are certain amenities and practices to look for when finding the right treatment center. Since everyone experiences alcohol addiction differently, you’ll find the best alcohol detox in Arizona at a multifaceted facility.

Each Role Is Filled by a Professional

Overcoming addiction to alcohol is more than quitting a bad habit. Massive life changes are common for those moving beyond addiction, typically to remove negative or toxic aspects. In order to help facilitate this growth, medical professionals must be on staff 24/7.

Medical doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists all oversee medical alcohol detox in order to make the process as pleasant as possible. During detox, withdrawal symptoms occur as your body adjusts to no longer having alcohol present.

Severe cases of alcohol withdrawal symptoms can include delirium tremens which causes tremors, seizures, hallucinations and confusion. These symptoms can prove to be fatal if not addressed with the proper medication and treatment to the mind and body, each needing one or more dedicated medical professionals.

Treatment Is Based on Proven Methods

Evidence-based modalities are a cornerstone of any high quality rehab center. Medically-assisted detox is one of these research driven treatment options along with cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. When these approaches and practices are used at a facility, it shows that proper treatment is the top priority.

Among these practices is proper mental health treatment from licensed counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists. There is a high comorbidity between addiction and mental health illnesses meaning the two often coexist. Mental health conditions often found alongside addiction include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Attention disorders
  • Trauma

Alcohol Detox Isn’t Sold as a Cure for Addiction

There actually is no single cure for addiction, but alcohol detox is the first step on the road to recovery. That being said, some treatment centers may advertise guaranteed success from their programs. How they measure success within their treatment isn’t always clear though.

The alcohol detox centers with staff that truly care about your long-term sobriety will be focused on the quality of the treatment more than anything else. Equipping you with the knowledge, skills and resources to maintain sobriety through any future challenges is ultimately the goal.

Programs Can Be Adjusted as Needed

Everyone has a different story to tell and this includes stories of addiction and recovery. No two situations will be identical which means the detox and treatment process must be altered for each individual.

Some may require hospitalization for a safe detox and successful rehab while others are able to attend sessions multiple times a week before returning back to their daily lives. The length of treatment also varies based on your progress and can be increased or decreased along the way.

Providing classes and discussions on life skills such as socializing, resume building and finding gainful employment can prepare you for life after treatment. A vast network of mental health professionals who specialize in addiction recovery would also be available when times are tough and you need some assistance.

End Your Search With ARC

America’s Rehab Campus is the place to find alcohol detox in Arizona since opening our doors in 2017. What began as a venture to bring accessible detox and rehab to our Tucson community now reaches all of Arizona and even some neighboring states.

Our compassionate staff of recovery experts are committed to providing you with the exact care needed to help you achieve your goals. Each treatment program is handled entirely on-campus to provide consistent treatment and keep your progress known to all involved team members.

If you have any questions about treatment options, the process of alcohol detox or accepted insurance, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a free consultation. ARC is here to help everyone achieve a life free from addiction.