Tucson Rehab Facilities

At America’s Rehab Campuses, we understand that it may be difficult for individuals to admit they have an addiction and have the courage to seek out treatment. Often, alcohol or drug addictions can make people feel isolated in their problems. Our programs encourage people to come together to discover common ground in their struggles, find hope and guidance through mentors, and feel the support of a community during a challenging life transition and transformation.

We also promote the importance of maintaining and building positive connections with family, friends, and the larger community while receiving treatment at our Tucson rehab facilities.

How Do Tucson Rehab Facilities Build Community?

When people come to America’s Rehab Campuses in Tucson, AZ, they may be interested in addiction treatment through residential inpatient partial hospitalizationintensive outpatient, or outpatient programs. Many of our programs focus on similar therapies and services, as we believe them to be key to successful recovery and sober living. One of our central themes is forming social connections and building a strong community to support those in recovery. We may encourage this through multiple means such as:

  • Community Reinforcement Therapy: Behavioral therapy helping individuals find and build healthy ways to meet social and emotional needs.
  • Group Therapy: Regular gatherings where clients can speak on their challenges, issues, or achievements in a supportive environment. There are many types of group therapy that focus on different areas of recovery such as cognitive behavioral groups, 12 step support groups, and modified 12 step support groups.
  • Family Therapy: Therapy seeking to improve familial relationships, resolve conflict and dysfunction within family units, and develop a strong and healthy family dynamic.

How Can the Family and Community Help in Addiction Recovery?

Often, individuals can feel alone in their addiction and in their lives. In truth, an addiction can affect more than simply the individual and it can have significant impacts on family, friends, and community members. When an individual realizes they may have negatively affected their loved ones and other important people in their lives, they may wish to detach and disengage from otherwise positive connections. At Tucson Rehab Facilities, we facilitate repairing and rebuilding family and community connections as they can be constructive for recovery and sober living in the following ways:

  • Social Support: Many times, clients need to disconnect from large portions of their life that involve alcohol or drugs. A supportive family and community can encourage individuals to fill their lives with healthy and meaningful activities. They can also be an important outlet for speaking about difficulties or accomplishments.
  • Relapse Prevention: A strong and healthy community can help prevent relapse. They can provide emotional support in challenging moments, build a beneficial environment that does not involve substances, and help establish new activities and places of interest.
  • Accountability: It can be extremely difficult to hold oneself accountable. Family, close friends, and the community can encourage individuals to take responsibility for behavior and choices. They can also be a source of motivation and inspiration.
  • Resources: When an individual comes out of detox and treatment, it can often be difficult to regain or create a stable life. Families and communities can help you look for jobs, schools, or programs that can help you get back on their feet.

Tucson Rehab Facilities in Arizona

If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, our compassionate team at America’s Rehab Campuses is here to assist with your detox, treatment, and recovery journey. We offer comprehensive therapies and services that put you on a successful path to sober living. At our Tucson Rehab Facilities, we dedicate a large portion of our treatment programs to building a thriving internal community and supporting patients’ healthy interpersonal connections. We believe that a strong personal network is incredibly important. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment programs.

Tucson Rehab Facilities