Top 10 Rehab Centers Tucson

The key problem with addiction is that it is a psychological affection. As a result, there are very few people who can overcome their substance addiction on their own. For that, there is the need for specific factors to come into play, including aspects like a short time passed since the addiction has started, or the individual’s resolution. But, for the most cases, the patient cannot overcome addiction without professional help. This is where America’s Rehab Campuses makes a powerful entry.

Ranking among the top 10 rehab centers in Tucson, we have two goals that define our activity: help individuals get back to their healthy lives and raise awareness on the dangers of substance abuse and addiction. And this is no easy task to take on. In the US, it has been reported that, in 2015, there have been over 50,000 deaths attributed to drug overdose, 35,000 of which were opioids and opioid pain relievers.

Globally, the situation is even worse. In 2015 there have been seized and destroyed over 7,000 tons of cannabis, around 180 tons of methamphetamine and over 50 tons of amphetamine. And with the US in the middle of the black market’s drug trade, it is no wonder that the situation is as grim as it is.

 Solving the problem one step at a time

Fentanyl analogs deliver an effect almost 10,000 times more potent than morphine. With such an intense chemical effect taking over the brain, it is only a matter of time until the brain will fall prey to addiction. Often it happens without the patient even realizing it, with some substances causing addiction right after the first dose.

And addiction is a problem that the top 10 rehab centers in Tucson are taking very seriously. As a result, a complete system has been developed, dedicated to not only solving the problem but also preventing relapse at the same time. Being a modern type of warfare, the battle against addiction takes place on all fronts:

    – Clinical detoxification – One of the first steps to be made, aiming at countering withdrawal symptoms and stabilize the patient’s condition. It consists of 3 main approaches: evaluation when a medical expert analyzes the patient’s physical and psychological health, stabilization when medication is administered to control the withdrawal and transition, where a long-term treatment plan is being elaborated.
    – Behavioral therapies – These usually include a lot of group support sessions, looking to defuse problems like anxiety, insecurity, anger or depression.
    – Relapse prevention – This stage comprises of some preventive measures, including psychological support, education and personalized care

Substance addiction causes millions of victims both in the US and worldwide, and the rehabilitation treatment is the best chance patients get to a new, clean life. The top 10 rehab centers in Tucson deliver the best services in the industry with the primary goal of helping individuals return into the society as healthier, happier and more active human beings. America’s Rehab Campuses stands for everything holistic medicine has to offer in the war against drugs: efficiency, innovation, results.

Top 10 Rehab Centers Tucson