Substance Abuse Treatment Tucson

Finding substance abuse treatment in Tucson starts with understanding what is happening to you and what your needs are. Substance abuse treatment focuses on helping your body and brain break through its dependence on substances so you can reclaim your life. If you are ready to turn the page on addition, America’s Rehab Campuses can help you. Our goal is to give you all of the treatment options and resources you need through an individualized treatment plan. This may allow you to overcome the limitations you’re facing now.

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

We offer substance abuse treatment in Tucson for most types of drugs. This includes illicit drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and LSD and treatment for misuse of prescription drugs like opioids and benzos. Our team can also help you with alcohol addiction. If you are ready to stop using these drugs and want the help you need to make that happen, turn to our substance abuse programs today.

What Goes Into Substance Abuse Treatment in Tucson?

After a formal assessment to determine what your needs are, our team works closely with you every step of the way. We provide a respectful, comfortable environment for you to work on your recovery. This may include a wide range of different therapies and treatment methods.

Holistic treatment: Our substance abuse treatment may include a wide range of holistic options. We work to heal your body, brain, and spirit from the damage addiction creates. You’ll find that this involves a lot of work but also a lot of recovery time where you’ll be happy and relaxed.

Detox: Some people may need drug detox as a component of their treatment. Often, it lasts for several days to up to a week, during which time our medical providers oversee your care closely. You’ll have access to medications, depending on your situation, to help you to stop using safely and without intense cravings or withdrawal.

Therapy: One-on-one treatment with a therapist may also help you recover. Many times, there are underlying conditions such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or bipolar disorder that could make it difficult for you to recover. You also need to learn how to prevent relapse and how to work towards living a sober life.

Group Therapy: Group therapy is a time to learn with others who are facing the same types of challenges you are. You’ll work with others to explore real world strategies for overcoming addiction.

Inpatient Treatment: Many people facing addiction need time to recover. Living away from home could provide you with the safe place you need to minimize the risk of ongoing symptoms and build up your confidence. This also allows your body to have time to heal and overcome the damages of addiction.

Outpatient Therapy: Our team offers outpatient care in several cases. That may include providing you with treatment on an outpatient basis right away or after you’ve completed your inpatient treatment. What is most important is having the tools you need to help you today but also for years to come.

How to Get Substance Abuse Treatment in Tucson

If you are facing the challenges of substance abuse, you need a team of professionals available to help you through the process. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we can guide you through that process one step at a time.

Now is your time to get the support you need. Contact our team to inquire about our options in substance abuse treatment in Tucson for your specific needs. Start on the path to healing by calling our compassionate counselors for support.

Substance Abuse Treatment Tucson