Sober Living Tucson

When considering treatment for an addiction, it’s essential that you make arrangements for after-care to give yourself the best chances of achieving long-term recovery. Very few rehab centers offer Sober Living in Tucson. Many addiction experts believe that outpatient services and Sober Living are two of the most critical components of lifelong recovery.

Why ARC Offers Sober Living for Tucson Residents

Have you ever wondered why so many rehabs are called ‘revolving doors’? The term, itself, is self-evident and should cause anyone looking into treatment to take extreme precautions not to choose a revolving door rehab to treat drug or alcohol addiction. A revolving door is a facility that is happy to take a patient’s payment but falls short in providing adequate treatment to prevent relapse shortly.

For many patients dealing with alcohol or drug addiction, 30-day residential treatment is simply not enough time to learn the necessary skills to avoid the triggers of their addiction or to develop new, beneficial habits that prevent relapse. Our Sober Living communities at America’s Rehab Campuses provide on-site support and activities as well as off-site group activities that are unique to the Tucson area.

What Patients Experience in Our Sober Living Communities

– Ongoing access to 12-step programs

– Holistic support for the body, mind, and spirit

– Family support

– Peer support

– Equine therapy

– Weekly house meetings

– Culinary classes

– Life Skills Assistance

– Job skills

– Parenting classes

– Motivational speakers

– Access to our library

– Tennis, gym, basketball courts

– Computer and WiFi access

As well, Sober Living group activities include visits to the Desert Museum, Old Tucson, Sabino Canyon, Mt Lemmon, Colossal Cave, Reid Park Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Gaslight, and Flandrau Planetarium.

How Sober Living in Tucson Benefits the Patient

We’ve seen first-hand how a dysfunctional home life can quickly derail any progress that has been made in residential treatment. As such, our staff firmly believes in offering our patients every opportunity to prolong treatment. Our Sober Living homes provide a safe living arrangement that is conducive to recovery and reminds residents that they are not struggling alone.

Our facility is proud to partner with recovering patients in their efforts to reintegrate back into society in a way that is beneficial to themselves and their community. For this reason, we place a high priority on helping patients develop new skills or become retrained or re-educated while looking for employment.

Through Sober Living, patients see relationships with friends and family improve, often resulting in reconnections. One pleasant surprise many patients are not expecting is the amount of time they discover has been lost to consuming drugs or alcohol- time that is now theirs to use more positively.

As patients learn to have fun in a new way, simple pleasures become lasting joys. As more time elapses, self-esteem increases and leads to new opportunities that were not present before. A whole new life awaits when you walk through the doors of ARC and put your trust in our process. We’ll walk a mile with you- and then we’ll go the extra mile.

Sober Living Tucson