Rehabs in Tucson AZ

When you are ready to attend America’s Rehab Campuses, you may be wondering what you can expect from our medical detox programinpatient residential rehab, or partial hospitalization program. Our rehabs in Tucson, AZ are safe environments designed to help you recover, develop new skills, learn new things, find support and guidance, and enjoy life without substance use. To achieve this mission, we have implemented many different amenities, services, therapies, and activities into our rehab centers and programs.

What to Expect When You Arrive

When you first arrive at our rehabs in Tucson, AZ, our qualified and knowledgeable professionals will have a thorough discussion with you concerning yourself, your substance use, and your needs. Although it can be hard to open up when you are beginning a program, you can be assured that you are in a safe, non-judgmental, and caring environment. Every staff member is invested in helping you succeed in your recovery and sobriety journey. Part of that involves assessing what your needs and goals are to meet you exactly where you are and create a personalized treatment plan for you.

If you need assistance with stopping the use of drugs or alcohol, you will be given a medical evaluation to evaluate your physical health. This allows us to determine if you require a specialized detox plan, such as through lowering your dosage slowly or through supplemental medication to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Throughout your detox, you are supervised by our attentive and caring medical team. They will make sure you are safe during your entire withdrawal process. Typically, this process lasts between 48 hours and 10 days, depending on how long you have been using substances and in what amounts.

What to Expect During Your Stay

If you are enrolled in our partial hospitalization or inpatient treatment, you can expect to work on mental, emotional, behavioral, and physical aspects of substance use or abuse for the duration of your stay. You may expect the following from a typical day at our rehabs in Tucson, AZ.


At America’s Rehab Campuses, we are excited to start the new day with you and get started on your recovery journey and sober lifestyle. You can enjoy a healthy breakfast, and enjoy slow, present, and mindful activities such as yoga or meditation. You can expect to have a group therapy or support session soon after breakfast, focusing on recovery in a supportive environment.


Afternoons are an excellent time of day to pursue more intensive treatment. Typically, after a healthy lunch, you have one-on-one counseling sessions or group sessions focusing on various therapies. You may work on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Group Therapy, Coping Techniques, Family Therapy, Recreational Therapy, Equine Therapy, or Relapse Prevention Training.

Free Time

At our rehabs in Tucson, AZ, we encourage you to enjoy the time at our centers as much as you need to tackle complex psychological and physical challenges. Our campuses are complete with many amenities. When you have free time during the day, you are welcome to enjoy physical activities such as basketball, tennis, or swimming or relax in shared spaces such as our lounges, entertainment rooms, library, music room, spiritual spaces or gardens. You can use your time for yourself, bond with peers, confide in caring staff, or connect with a higher power.


After eating dinner with your peers, you have a short group support or counseling session such as the 12-step program. It is a wonderful way to close out the day, because it reminds us we are not alone in our recovery journey. It shows us how we share our struggles with one another, how much we can achieve when we rely on one another and a higher power, and how much we have to look forward to the next day and in the future.

Take the First Step in Your Recovery Journey Today

Our caring and loving staff is looking forward to receiving your call and discussing your treatment options with you. Contact us today to learn more about how you could benefit from our rehabs in Tucson, AZ!

Rehabs in Tucson AZ