Admissions at America's Rehab Campuses

No one wants to admit they’re struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, but the impact of substance abuse can’t be ignored without serious consequences. Getting proper help from rehab centers in Tucson is nothing to be ashamed of as making the decision takes an immense amount of courage and determination to overcome addiction.

What Rehab Centers in Tucson Have To Offer

Addiction is a lifelong disease known as substance use disorder or SUD within the realm of medical treatment. SUD applies to addiction to drugs and alcohol and has come a long way as research has gained more acceptance and backing leading to rapid developments of treatment methods.

The most effective rehab centers in Tucson will leverage these developments and integrate them into their existing programs. What makes this so important is that recovery and addiction don’t look the same between individuals meaning they need custom care tailored to their needs.

America’s Rehab Campus understands that individualized care is a requirement for long-term success and every one of our guests receives one-on-one assistance throughout our programs. Our campus is also in a unique position to provide all treatment services at one location for a seamless recovery process.

Recovery Is More Than Achieving Sobriety

Yes, being sober is the first step in breaking away from addiction but there are many others that follow. Rehab centers in Tucson will work directly with new clients to learn their story in order to create the most effective treatment program possible.

For many, the beginning of treatment consists of medication-assisted treatment or MAT. Leveraging MAT during the detoxification process can diminish or eliminate many of the withdrawal symptoms felt when ending consumption. Since the mind and body become dependent on drugs and alcohol, it can be painful and even life-threatening to detox on your own.

After dependencies have been broken and the body has removed all traces of drugs and alcohol, therapy and treatment can fully begin. Guests partake in both individual and group therapy sessions where they work to uncover what led them to substance abuse and share their stories respectively.

The Best Rehab Centers in Tucson 

Premium addiction treatment doesn’t have to come with a premium price tag. Creating affordable and accessible treatment programs is what sets ARC apart from other rehab centers in Tucson. We work with major insurance providers including Arizona’s AHCCCS medicaid programs to bring help to as many people as possible.

That being said, ARC has chosen to maintain the high quality of our resort-style amenities while still making treatment budget-friendly. Access to medical staff around the clock creates a safe and secure environment that promotes growth and healing while on the road to recovery. Guests enjoy recreational therapy with their peers to get out and enjoy the lovely Arizona weather.

We encourage anyone struggling with substance abuse and addiction in themselves or a loved one to contact ARC staff today. Don’t let addiction call the shots any longer, find the right treatment with America’s Rehab Campus.