Inpatient Rehab Tucson

America’s Rehab Campus is proud to provide world-class inpatient rehab in Tucson. Treatment at ARC is made accessible by working with private and government insurance providers. Whether substance abuse has been an issue for years or is just starting to cause concern, ARC is here to help with custom treatment programs.

ARC’s inpatient rehab in Tucson provides patients with:

  • Luxury facilities
  • 24/7 supervision from medical professionals
  • Medication-assisted treatment and detox
  • Compassionate recovery staff
  • Aftercare and relapse prevention support

What Does Inpatient Rehab in Tucson Look Like?

Starting an inpatient program is often necessary for those without a healthy home life. Whether due to toxic relationships or a strong presence of drugs and alcohol, an unhealthy environment can undo months of treatment and lead to relapse. To give Arizona residents the best chance at sobriety, ARC’s inpatient rehab in Tucson is raising the bar for all rehab centers near and far.

It Starts With Medical Detox

The withdrawal period of detox is often cited as the reason many have failed to achieve sobriety on their own. The symptoms felt can range from mildly painful to life-threatening depending on the severity of the substance abuse. Medical detox allows the supervising medical team to administer medication in response to these symptoms for a safer and more comfortable experience.

Leading into treatment, the tail end of detox often includes the first therapy sessions that will continue throughout treatment. Cognitive and rational emotive behavioral therapy, CBT and REBT respectively, help to stabilize your mood and get your mind thinking critically again. Emotional regulation is difficult during recovery, especially if there are underlying mental health conditions presenting at the same time.

Addressing a Dual Diagnosis With Inpatient Rehab in Tucson

It’s common to find that mental illness exists alongside addiction in many individuals. Regardless of which one led to the other, treatment for a dual diagnosis is more specialized than traditional rehab. Conditions such as PTSD, ADHD and OCD are all commonly related to one’s addiction as substance use likely began as a form of self-medication due to severe symptoms. Others may develop anxiety or depression after long-term substance abuse due to damages made to parts of the central nervous system.

Those in need of more intense inpatient rehab in Tucson should consider sober living quarters. Providing an environment of support, safety and comfort, sober living programs allow patients to focus solely on healing and growth. Family members can also visit at times during sober living, helping to create a stronger support system back at home.

Every Effort Is To Achieve Long-term Success

Due to addiction’s tendency to stick around forever, it’s crucial that individuals are given the tools needed to overcome future cravings and impulses. ARC’s approach to this includes helping patients develop new life skills to find financial and employment success alongside sobriety.

As Arizona’s premier inpatient rehab in Tucson, ARC has helped thousands find fulfillment with a sober lifestyle. ARC patients are seen as more than their addiction, helping to build up the confidence and knowledge needed to avoid future relapse. Start the next chapter in your life by reaching out to ARC today.