Heroin Treatment Center Tucson

Are you one of the many people struggling with heroin addiction? You’re not alone. The opioid epidemic is far-reaching, especially since more than 560 tons of heroin have been distributed around the world, causing dependence to millions of people. Thousands of people have lost their lives to this addiction. You don’t have to be a statistic. America’s Rehab Campuses offers the heroin treatment center in Tucson you need to recover.


The Importance of a Heroin Treatment Center in Tucson

There is no doubt that heroin is a damaging, life-changing, and sometimes life-threatening addiction. For many people, heroin can take so much away from them – family, careers, education, and even health. Over time, an addiction to this substance can also lead to long-term health complications, cognitive impairment, and, in some cases, overdose. The most important thing to know is that many people with this addiction cannot stop using on their own. They need help.

A heroin treatment center in Tucson can provide that help. We offer the comprehensive level of care that you need to stop using for good and to start on the path to recovery.

Heroin addiction is nearly impossible to treat without professional care. That’s because of the significant changes it creates in the way the brain functions. Addiction like this leads to dependence for many people, which causes intense withdrawal symptoms and cravings for anyone who tries to stop using it. You may feel trapped and unable to stop using even though you want to do so.

Signs You Need a Heroin Treatment in Tucson

There are numerous reasons to seek out help from a heroin treatment center. If you have any of the following symptoms, it is critical to reach out to America’s Rehab Campuses to learn how we can help you right away:

  • Intense cravings if you stop using or delay treatment
  • Intense muscle and bone pain if you stop taking it
  • Shakes, nausea, and vomiting when not using
  • Constant thoughts about use and a next dose
  • Feeling compelled to prioritize heroin use over anything else, even things important to you

Don’t try to stop taking heroin on your own. That could put you at risk for additional complications. Instead, reach out to our team for help. Our heroin treatment center in Tucson can help you overcome addiction.

What to Expect in Treatment

Heroin withdrawal can be very intense and painful. That’s why many people who try to stop at home fail to do so. In treatment with us, our medical detox program can alleviate much of this pain from you. That’s because we offer medications that can help to ease symptoms and alleviate the cravings. You can feel normal without feeling medicated and without thinking about your next dose. This sets you up for long term success, often right away.

Within our heroin treatment center in Tucson, you can expect a wide range of help to support your recovery, including:

  • Medications: Designed to provide symptom relief by tricking the brain, medications are a very important step in long-term recovery and to help you safely detox.
  • Therapy: Learn why you have an addiction and real-life strategies for overcoming it.
  • Group and individual therapy: You’ll learn how to deal with addiction long term, so you don’t have to be put at risk for relapse.
  • Physical support: We can help support your body’s natural healing as you work to reduce the symptoms of addiction.
  • Holistic care: Work to heal your body, mind, and spirit from the damages addiction causes through holistic treatment options.

Find the Help You Need Now

America’s Rehab Campuses are available to help support your long-term recovery today. Call us to learn how to get started.

Heroin Treatment Center Tucson