Detox in Tucson

The first step towards recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is the detox process. At America’s Rehab Campus, our goal is to make addiction treatment as comfortable and simple as possible. When a patient undergoes detox in Tucson at our campus, they receive medical supervision and intervention to remove the concern of withdrawals.

When your treatment program makes the most challenging part a comfortable experience, it’s much easier to stay motivated and continue through therapy to begin healing. Medical detox in Tucson hasn’t yet become the standard but ARC hopes to change this.

How Proper Detox Jumpstarts Recovery

ARC’s detox in Tucson is completed under 24/7 supervision from medical professionals to address both mental and physical withdrawal symptoms. This lessens the severity of symptoms that can otherwise be life-threatening if untreated, a common concern that makes it difficult to detox alone.

A large part of addiction stems from how we view drugs or alcohol, something that proper detox can help alter. Experiencing the withdrawal symptoms felt during detox can help you appreciate just how much damage substance abuse is doing to your mind and body. Changing this perspective is extremely important as many times, drugs and alcohol are simply replaced with another addictive substance or activity that only serves to perpetuate the cycle of addiction.

Detox in Tucson Can Make a World of Difference

Regardless of the substance at the center of your addiction, it should never be what defines you or what commands your decisions. Unfortunately that’s what addiction truly is, an inability to control when or how much of a particular substance you use.

Drugs and alcohol, even when obtained through legitimate means, can quickly lead to the development of dependencies and ultimately addiction. Prescription opioids have created their own epidemic of addiction which began with doctors prescribing them and patients taking them as directed. The highly-addictive nature of opioids was the issue, leading to multiple generations becoming dependent on it.

Detoxing from long-term drug use comes with unique challenges. Withdrawal symptoms tend to last longer and be much more severe, but even more difficult is the learning curve of remembering how to live a sober life. For some, this is a distant memory that needs complete relearning.

ARC’s Approach to Detox in Tucson

The goal at ARC has never stopped at simply achieving sobriety. Even the most motivated individuals can go through world-class treatment only to relapse later on. Overcoming addiction is more than a matter of will power, a common misconception that only hurts recovery attempts.

For our detox in Tucson, patients are able to stay in luxurious living quarters with the top medical talent that specialize in addiction recovery. You’ll have the opportunity to safely and comfortably look inward to uncover the driving forces behind your addiction. By addressing those and building new life skills, ARC patients are equipped to overcome any future hurdles including cravings and impulses to drink and use drugs.

The various classes and workshops offered help you to:

  • Find gainful employment
  • Better manage money to avoid financial stress
  • Express your feelings and emotions in a healthy way
  • Remove harmful coping mechanisms and replace them with positive ones
  • Learn how to interact without the presence of drugs or alcohol

If you or a loved one is in need of detox in Tucson, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the ARC today. Our confidential consultations can answer any questions or concerns you may have about the process. Don’t let addiction call the shots any longer, get started on your recovery today!