Alcohol Treatment Tucson

There is no easy way to beat alcohol addiction. Escaping the grip of alcoholism alone or going “cold turkey” is next to impossible without outside help. People with an alcohol addiction need professional, compassionate guidance from doctors, therapists, and counselors specializing in addiction. If you or somebody you know needs alcohol treatment Tucson offers exceptional recovery centers where you are given the opportunity to take your life back from the bottle.

Benefits of Alcohol Treatment in Tucson

In the U.S., alcoholism is the third most common cause of death related to lifestyle choices. In fact, alcoholism is a primary reason people are diagnosed with serious health problems, like liver cirrhosis, heart disease, and pancreatitis.

A 2015 national survey found that more than 15 million American adults were suffering from AUD. As a result, almost 100,000 deaths are linked to excessive alcohol consumption and alcohol disorders every year. Unfortunately, the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that 90 percent of alcohol addicts do not or cannot access the attention and treatment needed to recover and maintain sobriety.

While attending alcohol treatment Tucson patients receive substance addiction psychotherapies and methodologies that have been clinically tested and proven to work. Treatment programs are designed to approach the situation from multiple perspectives because of the diversity of mental, emotional, and physical, alcohol-related problems.

Moreover, alcohol treatment in Tucson emphasizes the importance of recovery as a group effort supported by the patient’s family and close friends. Many studies have shown how valuable it is for recovering alcoholics to have a dependable support network to rely on when something triggers the urge to drink. These studies also indicate that a “cold turkey” approach is not only dangerous to a person’s health but almost always unsuccessful.

Why Would Someone Need Inpatient Alcohol Treatment in Tucson?

Addiction professionals who admit patients into an alcohol detox program typically rely on a standardized assessment questionnaire called the Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment of Alcohol (CIWA)

The CIWA is designed to provide guidelines supporting the consistent and safe management of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Included in the evaluation are questions concerning the patients:

  • Rate of alcohol intake (chronic, binge, etc.)
  • How long they have been an alcoholic
  • Present and past medical history involving previous experiences with detoxification, delirium tremens, seizures, or other health problems.
  • Present psychological state (hallucinations, perceptual abnormalities, level of agitation)

Inpatient alcohol detox is recommended for individuals who have tried repeatedly to beat their addiction in outpatient alcohol treatment programs in Tucson. Additionally, an inpatient candidate often suffers from health issues that make it dangerous for them to continue drinking.

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The stigma of alcohol abuse remains pervasive in society. Many people consider alcoholism a personal choice, something that an alcohol abuser can stop anytime they want to stop. Decades ago, addiction researchers discovered how genetics and pathophysiological changes in the brain contributed to alcoholism. Accepted as a brain disease and mental health disorder by physicians and addiction psychiatrists, alcoholism is now treated as a chronic disease that requires medications, lifestyle changes, and ongoing counseling.

Classified as a chronic disease and mental disorder, alcohol addiction needs to be treated as such for the recovery process to be successful. Any alcohol treatment in Tucson–whether it is an inpatient or outpatient treatment program–will focus on providing the tools necessary for patients to cope with triggers that cause cravings for alcohol and for developing a sense of control over their lives.

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Alcohol Treatment Tucson