Rehabs in Arizona

Joining the ranks of drug and alcohol rehabs in Arizona in 2017, America’s Rehab Campus is setting a new standard for what it means to provide addiction treatment and recovery services. A lifelong condition, addiction is known as substance use disorder and can stem from any substance that interacts with the central nervous system.

Raising the Bar for Rehabs in Arizona

Offering world-class care that Arizona residents can comfortably afford is ARC’s mission, one that has led to the success of many guests seeking help to achieve long-term sobriety. Treatment of substance use disorder, or SUD, takes more than simply addressing the symptoms and side effects.

No two stories of addiction are the same, meaning everyone requires individualized care that caters to their specific needs. A change that has swept across rehabs in Arizona is the inclusion of treatment services in the state’s AHCCCS program, making care accessible for these individuals and their loved ones.

The treatment methods and modalities utilized at ARC are evidence-based practices proven to be effective at curbing addictive tendencies and behaviors. A lineup of compassionate medical professionals is the only way for rehabs in Arizona to properly administer these services, but ARC doesn’t stop there.

Rehab Services Offered at ARC

Leaving drugs and alcohol behind can seem like an impossible task, but it’s important to remember that the use of these substances isn’t who you are as a person. Addiction isn’t due to a lack of willpower or a desire to be sober, but instead the development of dependencies that make quitting painful and sometimes even fatal if done without medical supervision.

The top rehabs in Arizona leverage medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, in their detox to take potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms and turn them into nothing more than a mild discomfort. A combination of FDA-approved medication and mental health counseling addresses the withdrawal symptoms most commonly associated with heavily abused substances such as alcohol and opioids.

Dual-diagnosis Treatment

As the world of mental health becomes more heavily discussed in public, individuals are finding that certain aspects of their mind they thought were irregular are actually rooted in a diagnosable condition. Being able to address both SUD and any underlying mental illnesses increases chances of success by removing the urge to self-medicate or mask symptoms.

Achieving long-term sobriety with a dual-diagnosis can be difficult if rehabs in Arizona don’t fully adopt dual-diagnosis treatment as ARC has. Unfortunately, the very same side effects individuals try to cover up with substances come back even stronger when the substance is no longer being consumed.

Preparing You for Life’s Many Challenges

While it’s true that addiction and SUD have no explicit cure, thousands of former drug addicted individuals have found lifelong success and sobriety with ARC. Our staff of recovery specialists will work with you to help develop the life skills needed to avoid turning to drugs or alcohol during stressful times.

Relapse prevention is something very few rehabs in Arizona offer despite its proven effectiveness. ARC hopes to make aftercare a more common part of addiction treatment both in Arizona and across the country.

It’s always the right time to find help. Reach out to America’s Rehab Campus today for a free, private consultation.