Rehab Centers in Arizona

If you are considering treatment for an alcohol or drug issue, you may be concerned about relapse and what that would mean for you in the future. You may have also attempted a recovery but experienced a relapse, making you wary of receiving further treatment. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we know that either of these situations can be incredibly difficult for you to contend with. At our rehab centers in Arizona, we make sure that you have the support and resources you need to pursue recovery successfully.

What Is a Relapse?

A relapse is a common challenge people can face during recovery. It is a return to drug or alcohol use after stopping for a period of time. Relapses can be particularly dangerous because, after detox and treatment, your body adjusts to life without drugs or alcohol. Since this is the case, an abrupt return to substance use may cause an overdose.

How Do You Prevent a Relapse?

Since relapses can be seriously dangerous, we wish to reduce the chances that you return to drug or alcohol use as much as possible. For this reason, at our rehab centers in Arizona, we provide a personalized treatment plan designed to help you. Prior to designing a treatment plan for you, we discuss your life, your challenges, your focuses, and your goals. We will also continuously speak with you about your changing thoughts, emotions, and behaviors as treatment progresses. By receiving a tailored treatment plan, you can receive the help you need.

Within our inpatient and outpatient programs, we speak a great deal about relapse prevention. When you come to our rehab centers in Arizona, you may work with our professionals, staff, or peers on the following aspects:

  • Identifying triggers for drug or alcohol use
  • Learning alternative coping mechanisms for stress or other negative emotions
  • Treating underlying physical health or mental health issues
  • Focusing on positive, healthy, or productive activities, behaviors, thoughts, or habits
  • Creating plans to respond to cravings
  • Developing social connections and networks for support

What Happens if You Relapse?

If you did relapse and are now wondering how to proceed, we believe it is important to remember you did not fail. In many cases, the path to sobriety is full of ups and downs. A relapse is a sign that treatment needs to be resumed and modified to be successful. It may have been a sign that substance use, or underlying causes, needed more serious and careful attention.

Relapses are one of the reasons we offer our intensive outpatient program and regular outpatient program at our rehab centers in Arizona. We believe ongoing support and resources can be necessary to your recovery journey. Consistent access to counseling, therapy, peer groups, and activities can make all the difference if you are struggling with day-to-day sober living.

There are often several warning signs prior to a physical relapse that can indicate that you need further support from one of our rehab centers in Arizona:

  • Negative emotional responses on a regular basis
  • Inability to take care of yourself regularly and properly (sleeping, eating, regular social interaction)
  • Significant increase in triggers and cravings
  • Mental “tug-of-war” of wanting to go back to substances and wanting to stay sober
  • Ambivalence to life responsibilities and enjoyable activities alike

Don’t Wait, Get Help Today!

If you feel as though you may be heard towards a relapse or have relapsed, it is never too late to get the help you need and deserve. Our rehab centers in Arizona are here to get you back on track on your successful recovery journey. Wanting to relapse or relapsing is only a warning sign that you need extra help. Don’t delay, contact us to get that help today!

Rehab Centers in Arizona