Rehab Centers in Arizona that Accept AHCCCS

Finding addiction treatment that offers both quality and affordability in their pricing can be a challenge. Thankfully there are rehab centers in Arizona that accept AHCCCS, the state’s medicaid program open to Arizona residents. Among these is our program at America’s Rehab Campus.

High Quality Rehab Centers in Arizona That Accept AHCCCS

It’s important to understand that rehab centers such as ARC aren’t associated directly with the state but instead accept residents utilizing AHCCCS to make treatment affordable. Both inpatient and outpatient programs can be covered based on medical necessity and are always held at our state-of-the-art campus.

By refusing to sacrifice on the quality of care we provide, ARC remains one of the top rehab centers in Arizona that accepts AHCCCS. Accessible rehab is something that should always be available as no one chooses to become addicted to a substance but they always deserve a chance at freedom from drugs and alcohol.

How ARC Approaches Recovery

Our compassionate staff of medical professionals have extensive experience helping others overcome addiction no matter the severity. Each treatment program is personalized to the needs of the client to ensure they’re given the best chance at long-term sobriety.

Outpatient treatment is a common starting point for those with a healthy and supportive home environment. Therapy sessions are held multiple times a week and individuals are able to continue working, going to school, raising a family or any other responsibilities they simply can’t give up.

For more intensive treatment, inpatient programs let guests reside at ARC’s resort-style living quarters while receiving professional support around the clock. Those who are able to attend inpatient rehab tend to see better results in the long-term due to the time invested on our campus.

How We’re Changing What It Means To Be a Rehab Center

Many rehab centers in Arizona that accept AHCCCS are focused solely on helping their guests achieve sobriety and completing treatment. ARC’s goals go a step further, arming our alumni with an arsenal of positive coping mechanisms and access to relapse prevention assistance for lifelong success and sobriety.

Making the treatment process as comfortable as possible is another way ARC promotes successful recovery in every guest. Rather than being treated like a patient, those attending rehab at ARC are seen as individuals first and treated with respect knowing they’re struggling with an incurable condition.

Why We Accept AHCCCS

It’s no surprise that premium rehab centers are assumed to be prohibitively expensive. While ARC has taken every measure to make treatment as accessible as possible, there are individuals who simply have no funds to pay but still require medical help. Becoming one of the rehab centers in Arizona that accepts AHCCCS is just one more path we can take to bring treatment to all of Arizona.

When the time comes for you or a loved one to get help, reach out to America’s Rehab Campus to get started. Our intake team can answer any questions you may have about our programs and can even help verify insurance. Those who prefer to handle things online can verify insurance directly on our website here.