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If you are struggling with substance use, abuse, or addiction, you are not alone. Thousands of people across Arizona are dealing with drug or alcohol problems as it can affect anyone, anywhere at any time in their lives. There are some groups more prone to misusing drugs or alcohol, particularly people with medical issues or mental health issues, and people whose families use or abuse drugs or alcohol.

If you fall into one of these categories know that you can recover and enjoy a life free from substance abuse. At America’s Rehab Campuses, specifically our rehab in Arizona, we can help you restore your life.

Who Is at a Greater Risk for Substance Abuse?

At our rehab in Arizona, we provide medical detox and treatment plans to anyone struggling with substance abuse or addiction. We understand that it may be very difficult to admit a problem and seek treatment, especially for those more prone to using drugs or alcohol due to the following circumstances.

Medical Issues

If you suffer physical pain, you may have been prescribed a certain type of drug for a specified period of time or you may have not received treatment at all. When pain lasted longer than expected, you may have taken higher doses of pain pills or prolonged your usage. Some pain pills are very strong, such as certain types of opioids, and it’s easy to mismanage the dosage.

When you come to our medical detox program, as part of our Rehab in Arizona, we evaluate your physical health to determine if you have any problems requiring safe pain management. Subsequently, our medical staff can help manage any pain you may be experiencing

Mental Health Issues

You may have turned to drugs or alcohol to cope with challenging symptoms associated with mental health. Unfortunately, substance use or abuse can often lead to worsening symptoms. As you may not even realize you have mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety, you may benefit from our Dual-Diagnosis Program. We provide therapy to help you manage or cope with psychological disorders and the corresponding symptoms.

Childhood Environment and Family

If you grew up in an environment where drugs and alcohol were used, misused, or mishandled, you may have fallen into a substance habit easily. At our rehab in Arizona, we want to help you understand and work through the difficult experiences and emotions that lead you to substance use. We can accomplish this through multiple types of therapy, one-on-one counseling, and support groups. In the circumstance where you must return to a similar environment after rehab, we may encourage your family to come in for family therapy as well. Through this program, we can help family members realize dysfunction and work towards creating a healthy environment and positive relationships.

Why Is Rehab Important in These Situations?

In the event that you fall into one or more of these categories, it is exceptionally hard to pursue recovery on your own. In fact, if you do not receive help with underlying causes in any circumstance, you face a greater risk for relapse. This is because you will still be dealing with the underlying physical or mental pain, or a deep-rooted habit of drug or alcohol use.

At our rehab in Arizona, you receive great care and compassion from our staff and medical professionals. We will take your background or history into consideration when designing a personalized treatment plan for you. We also provide special services and therapies that target the underlying causes of your substance use. Moreover, by having a loving and supportive environment around you, your chance of a successful recovery is significantly increased.

Don’t Let Your Past Become Your Future

While you may not have had much, if any, control over developing a drug or alcohol problem, you can take your future into your hands now. With America’s Rehab Campuses, you will be empowered and equipped to change your life. Contact us today to find out more about our rehab in Arizona.

Rehab Arizona