Entering into a treatment program at a rehab facility is a decision that takes careful consideration given the commitment recovery demands. To make sure every consideration is accounted for, America’s Rehab Campus chose to open its doors in Phoenix and guests have been finding success here ever since. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, around 13% or over 900,000 residents 12 years or older have reported illicit drug use in the last year.

With such high prevalence within the community comes an increased risk of developing substance abuse and addiction issues. This meant that ARC had to create the most effective rehab programs in order to combat the problem which is one of the reasons we’ve found so much success here. Phoenix is also a wonderful host with great weather and idyllic surroundings that let guests focus on their recovery.

How We Approach Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Phoenix

Whether it’s an addiction to alcohol or drugs, our team is here to help. We offer all levels of addiction treatment from outpatient to residential programs to match each individual’s needs. By creating this individualized treatment plan, guests receive exactly what they need in order to uncover the root cause of their addiction. Each new recovery journey also provides guests with the option for medical detox which gives them a safe and comfortable space they can use to get through withdrawal.

During medication-assisted treatment, clinicians are able to administer FDA-approved medicine to combat withdrawal symptoms while psychologists assist with the mental side of symptoms. Getting through withdrawal is often the hardest and most dangerous part of rehab which is why we put so much emphasis on supporting guests through this step. Once detox is complete, guests start attending group and individual therapy sessions in addition to other activities that build both personal and professional skills.

Building Up Our Guests Is Just the Start

Addiction rehab in Phoenix had previously only included portions of the process leaving addicted individuals to move from clinic to clinic during treatment. Our commitment to everyone who steps through the ARC doors is that we’ll help them through their entire recovery which lasts a lifetime. ARC alumni are regular guests at group therapy sessions to share their stories of success, inspire others, and be motivated themselves by the determination of current guests.

The individualized approach to treatment we take also aids in long-term sobriety as addiction triggers are met with developing healthy coping mechanisms. While relapse is extremely common in recovery, we hope to minimize the number of attempts a guest needs before they achieve total sobriety. ARC alumni also have access to a vast network of relapse specialists they can call upon at any hour if cravings and impulses are becoming too much to handle alone.

ARC Is Here for Everyone

Being so close to major travel hubs, ARC has helped people from across the country in their battle with addiction. We accept private and state insurance plans which can be verified online before visiting. Addiction is a lifelong disease that no one chooses to have which is why we offer support in as many ways as possible including free shuttles to the center along with financial assistance and payment plans to make treatment accessible.

To start your own story of recovery, reach out to ARC today and speak with our compassionate recovery specialists and begin your next chapter.