Phoenix Alcohol Detox

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At America’s Rehab Campuses, we make it a priority to provide accessible and effective rehab treatment programs for you if you are struggling with a drinking problem or alcohol use disorder (AUD). As it can be challenging to begin recovery, we focus a large portion of our treatment programs on setting up and maintaining an ample support system. You will always have ongoing support from our professional staff and peers at our Phoenix alcohol detox medical detox, inpatient rehab, and outpatient rehab programs.

How Do You Encourage Loved Ones to Seek Treatment?

One of the most significant parts of any recovery journey is admitting a substance use problem and deciding to seek detox and treatment. In these challenging times, we believe that reliable family and friends can make all the difference by encouraging individuals to seek assistance from Phoenix alcohol detox. Some of the key ways to motivate someone to pursue treatment include the following.

Honest Communication

If drinking problems have affected an individual’s attitude and behavior, they may negatively impact family, friends, and other social relationships in a negative way. There may also be serious physical health and mental health effects. In these cases, many families choose to perform an intervention in order to calmly and kindly let someone know they have a problem. Depending on the particular situation, it may be more appropriate to have a regular conversation and explain how prolonged or excessive drinking has affected important aspects of their life.


In many cases, people use drinking as a coping mechanism for handling stressors, challenges, or painful events in life. It can also be true that drinking may be a way to self-medicate or self-treat underlying mental health issues. If you have a genuine and open conversation with someone struggling with an alcohol use problem, you may wish to talk about relationship problems, financial strains, work situations, physical pains, or challenging situations that may lead them to drink. You can suggest speaking with a licensed psychologist or seeking assistance from America’s Rehab Campuses.


If a loved one opens up to you about their struggles with alcohol, it can be an opportunity to provide helpful resources. One of the first resources that an individual will need on their recovery journey is a professional medical detox program, such as our Phoenix alcohol detox.

How Does America’s Rehab Campuses Provide Support?

One of our priorities is to ensure you have a substantial support group around you as you pursue treatment or embark on independent sober living. This can be especially important during the beginning of a recovery journey, as it can be scary to withdraw from alcohol and pursue life without the use of alcohol.

During our Phoenix alcohol detox, our caring staff will always be watching out for your best interests and making sure you have access to everything you need. We begin by performing a medical evaluation to make sure your physical health and mental health match an excellent detox plan. If you have severe drinking problems, you may require a specialized plan involving medication to lessen serious withdrawal side effects. No matter what the treatment is, you will have a team that you can rely on to keep you safe and secure during your detox.

What Happens After Alcohol Detox?

You may choose to stay at America’s Rehab Campuses for inpatient treatment after going through detox. On the other hand, you may wish to transition back to everyday life but still receive ongoing support through our outpatient program.

At our inpatient and outpatient programs, we believe group support is equally as important as one-on-one counseling. You can gain so much connection from peers going through similar experiences. It is our hope that this will make you feel less alone or isolated. We also hope it provides inspiration to watch other people, just like you, succeed in their recovery. For instance, in 12-step support groups, you may see peers receive days, weeks, and years chips to mark sobriety. In this way, you can come to know it is possible for you too.

During treatment, we also focus on healthy relationships that you may have with family, friends, or community members. It is crucial that when you pursue either outpatient treatment or sober living, you have certain connections or strong support networks that can help you develop a full, positive life.

Don’t Go Through Recovery Alone

If you are ready to reclaim your life from alcohol, our nurturing staff, luxurious community, and ongoing support will set you up for success. Contact our Phoenix alcohol detox to learn more about taking the first step today.