Free Drug Rehab Phoenix AZ

An emerging perspective on drugs is helping alter the public image of free drug rehab in Phoenix, AZ in a positive way. The thought is that there are no inherently bad drugs, simply bad circumstances. One example is opioids which serve as effective pain killers for use during surgery or after an accident. Truly miraculous in these cases, opioids are also commonly abused leading to dependence, addiction and death.

Free drug rehab in Phoenix, AZ is needed now more than ever. A dangerous combination of worsening mental health and an increased supply of highly addictive drugs such as fentanyl has led to an ever-increasing rate of drug-related deaths in Arizona. The reason rehab is so vital is that addiction takes over one’s life, putting drugs as the top priority no matter the situation.

How Addiction Stays in Control

Stories of addiction often start with occasional use of a particular drug. The feelings brought on by drugs come from the triggering of various neurotransmitters in our brain. Typically dopamine is released during drug use which relieves pain in medical settings but provides a feeling of euphoria for illicit users. Over time, the central nervous system will begin producing less dopamine on its own due to the vast amount created by drug use. Unfortunately, this means that your brain becomes reliant on drugs in order to function properly.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Often the scariest part of detox, withdrawal symptoms differ based on the type of drug used, the individual’s health and how much of, long and often the drug was consumed. Withdrawal occurs when a dependence on drugs is present in the brain and the individual ceases drug use. When the drug fully leaves the body, the central nervous system goes into a panic as it struggles to complete basic functions.

As the brain relearns these functions, the rest of the body will suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, seizures, hallucinations, fever and other ailments. A professional free drug rehab in Phoenix, AZ will offer medical detox to help alleviate these symptoms.

Impulses and Relapse

Addiction is a lifelong condition that will never truly go away. Even after achieving sobriety and completing treatment, cravings and impulses will still pop up from time to time. Alumni of America’s Rehab Campus have access to a vast network of relapse prevention specialists who provide mental health support as part of our aftercare.

It’s important to understand that relapse is a common part of every sobriety success story, sometimes happening multiple times. Free drug rehab in Phoenix, AZ may see the same patient multiple times, but long-term sobriety is always a possibility if the individual is committed.

As an arsenal of healthy coping mechanisms and support networks is developed, future impulses and cravings become less of a concern and more of a reminder to stay the course. America’s Rehab Campus works to prepare every patient for life after treatment to minimize the risk of relapse.

Are you or a loved one in need of free drug rehab in Phoenix, AZ? If so, America’s Rehab Campus is here to help. With online insurance verification and free consultations when you reach out to our team, ARC makes drug rehab as simple and easy as possible.