America’s Rehab Campus is committed to changing how addiction treatment is viewed in the United States. Taking in patients from across the nation, ARC has worked to make substance abuse treatment accessible while also spreading awareness since opening its doors in 2017.

Even as a new treatment facility, ARC quickly became known for being one of the premier free detox centers in Phoenix, Arizona. What sets ARC apart from other centers in Arizona is the state-of-the-art amenities and accommodations patients are able to utilize during treatment.

Providing Detox and Addiction Treatment Together

Typically situations that require free detox centers in Phoenix, Arizona are severe and need immediate medical attention to ensure a safe recovery. Medical detox helps alleviate withdrawal symptoms that can range from uncomfortable to life-threatening. Inpatient and outpatient care can be found at ARC with inpatients experiencing world-class living quarters and meals made by professional chefs.

For many, the concerns of withdrawals and an uncomfortable rehab campus can keep them from seeking treatment altogether. The stigma of cold and abrasive addiction treatment is one rooted in dated information. Today’s free detox centers in Phoenix, Arizona put comfort and safety first as these factors contribute greatly to an individual’s success.

Our staff of compassionate recovery specialists create custom treatment plans that patients transition to after detox. No matter what type of treatment is involved, it all happens on-site at America’s Rehab Campus to provide those in recovery a consistent environment and peer group.

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

The programs offered at ARC were built off of evidence-based modalities within the realms of addiction and mental health treatment. Not only does this provide patients with professional psychological and psychiatric care, but it means those with a dual diagnosis of addiction and another mental health disorder can get the specialty treatment necessary.

To continue setting the trend for free detox centers in Phoenix, Arizona, ARC has partnered with insurance companies within both the private and public sector to accept more patients than ever before. Financial support is also available for those without insurance or need more treatment than their plan covers.

By taking away what many cite as the largest concern about treatment, financials, those struggling with addiction can finally get the help they deserve. Every story of addiction is different, and each one should be given the opportunity to start a new, sober chapter regardless of past experiences.

Starting Treatment at ARC

Understanding that no two cases of addiction are the same, treatment at America’s Rehab Campus is based on the individual rather than the substance they are addicted to. While it’s still taken into account, focusing on the addiction rather than the person leads to short-term results. It takes an in-depth knowledge of an individual’s history with addiction to effectively treat it, something only achieved by making patients feel comfortable sharing their story.

Addiction is a lifelong condition that creeps back into view at the most unexpected times. Many stories of a successful recovery include relapses and other hurdles that slowed progress. The reason these stories still ended in sobriety is that they received proper care from a facility such as ARC that provides vast aftercare networks for their alumni.

If you’re struggling with addiction and need a safe place to begin healing, or if you’re looking for a free detox center in Phoenix, Arizona, contact ARC today.

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