Drug Rehabs in Phoenix AZ

Over 7 million Americans are suffering from drug use disorders each year and, according to the latest statistics, the figures seem to increase as time passes. We already know that drugs are harmful; there is no dilemma here. So, why are then so many people abusing these substances on a regular basis? This is one question we, at America’s Rehab Campuses, never take for granted, because answering it may serve as the primary ingredient in finding the right treatment.

The need for drug rehabs in Phoenix Az is somewhat apparent, but why aren’t they cutting down the number of drug addicts, as they usually should? There are primarily three reasons for that:

1. People begin abusing drugs for many reasons, which makes it difficult to control their numbers

2. The relapse rates are extremely high both after and during the treatment (about 66% during the treatment and approximately 85% within the first 12 months after the treatment has been completed)

3. The number of addicts grows faster than that of the individuals sobering up

While the 3rd point derives from 1 and 2, it is the first two that need addressing. And that is where things get complicated.

Drugs – A deadly fascination

It is undoubtedly true that drugs exert some fascination towards young adults, causing them to be relentlessly drawn towards them. And most of the times it only takes one wrong step to completely ruin a teenager’s life, leaving drug rehabs in Phoenix Az one of the few options for recovery.

Among the most common wrong steps leading people to drug abuse and drug addiction we have to mention:

– The curiosity of trying a new experience

– Looking for something new to repel boredom with

– Trying to experience extreme sensations, including the one for doing something considered taboo

– Attempting to self-treat mental disorders

– Seeking redemption from emotional traumas

– Trying prescription painkillers in the idea that they are safer for recreative use than illicit drugs

– Taking prescription drugs for physical or mental affections in doses higher than recommended, which will quickly lead to addiction

Seeing how many factors there are, it is no wonder that the perfect rehabilitation program has to have multiple layers of action for it to be effective.

The path to a new life

Relapse is and will most likely continue to be one of the most significant problems when it comes to drug rehabilitation. More patients relapse than those that come out clean for the rest of their lives. Significantly more, as statistics show.

For this reason, putting mechanisms in place to lower the risk for relapsing is one of the leading prerogatives of any decent rehab program. This means that drug rehabs in Phoenix Az need to teach the patients how to overcome their urges, put a stop on their cravings, and develop the mindset required to regain full control over their lives.

It is here where America’s Rehab Campuses shine, as we spare no efforts in helping people rebuild their lives and rediscover the joy of being drug-free.

Drug Rehabs in Phoenix AZ