Drug Rehab in Arizona

Drug addiction claims millions of lives every year in the US, damaging not only the lives of victims but also their loved ones. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we offer drug rehab in Arizona with recovery treatment for various types of drug addictions (fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, meth). Contact us to discover more information about our programs!

What is drug addiction?

Drug addiction, also known as substance use disorders (SUDs) or drug use disorders, occurs when someone’s drug consumption becomes out of control. Their substance abuse disrupts their personal relationships, finances, and daily routines. Most importantly, their SUD makes them numb to the grave physical harm caused by drug addiction.

SUDs start as a voluntary habit, and after prolonged use, it becomes a compulsion. Victims feel like their bodies can’t function normally without the drug, and often experience withdrawal symptoms without the drug. This happens because the body and the brain become chemically dependent on the drug.

The drug alters the brain chemistry by flooding it with dopamine, a chemical responsible for feelings of ‘highs’ and pleasure. Over time, the dose required for these pleasurable feelings increases, leading victims to consume the substance in increasing quantities.

The main causes of drug abuse

For adults, most drug abuse cases reside in psychological issues. Victims of SUDs would have turned to drugs to numb any negative feelings such as anxiety, stress, depression, grief, trauma, or pain. As a drug rehab in Arizona, we believe it’s important to understand these deep-rooted issues to individualize treatment for each patient.

Consuming drugs as a teen will significantly increase the risk of developing a SUD later in life, and so would a family history of drug use. As teenagers’ bodies and brains are still developing, the changes in brain chemistry from drug use will have long-lasting impacts.

What are the different types of drug therapy?

A good drug recovery treatment program will incorporate various types of therapy into their programs. This includes individual therapy, group counseling, recreational therapy, and family therapy, all of which will tackle the complex emotional issues of the victims as well as their families.

Individual therapy is essential for patients to understand underlying behavior that led to their substance abuse, identify triggers, and develop a healthy coping mechanism in response to the triggers.  Group counseling puts patients in touch with others who are fighting the same battle as them, providing a great support network and letting them know that they’re not alone.

Something as serious as drug addiction tears families apart and may even be a result of existing family dynamics. This is why we offer family therapy, helping not just patients but also their loved ones through the addiction. Recreational therapy ranges from yoga to painting, whatever the patient requires to develop a healthy mental state again.

America’s Rehab Campuses provides drug rehab in Arizona through a wide array of comprehensive treatment programs. Whether you’re looking for inpatient care, partial hospitalization programs, or outpatient programs, we have a range of options that cater to patients at various stages of recovery.