Drug Rehab Centers in Arizona

Drug overdoses kill more than 1,900 Arizona residents every year. according to the CDC. The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics reports that drug overdose deaths in the United States increased 30% between March 2020 and March 2021. The cumulative effects of drug overdose deaths is quite sobering:

  • Nearly 97,000 people died of drug overdoses in the 12-month reporting.
  • Opioids played a factor in 72% of overdose deaths.
  • One million Americans have died of drug overdose since 1999.

Drug Rehab Centers in Arizona: Part of the Solution

Drug rehab centers in Arizona face an uphill battle trying to keep up with the tide of alcohol and drug use disorders that show no signs of abating. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we offer inpatient and outpatient services for drug addiction, focusing on specific drugs such as cocaine, fentanyl, meth, heroin, and alcohol. If you or someone you care for needs assistance breaking the cycle of addiction, our admissions team can help you get the process started.

Understanding Drug Addiction

If you are dependent on alcohol or drugs, you probably have a substance use disorder or SUD. Like any other illness, drug and alcohol addiction impact your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. If you want to break free of the ties of addiction, our therapists can help you regain the confidence you need to resist cravings and focus on finances, relationships and establishing a daily routine. First, though, you need to face your addiction head on, acknowledging it and admitting to yourself that you need help.

Alcohol and drug abuse can start with a single compulsive act. You may not notice much of a difference the first time you use a drug. But the more you drink, smoke or take your drug of choice, the more your brain and body become used to it, Finally, you can end up physically addicted to the drug, which makes it very hard to live a productive life.

Drug rehab centers in Arizona provide the care you need to disassociate pleasure with taking drugs. Your brain needs time to reprogram itself so that you can trust your thoughts and feelings once again. When you’re in the midst of addiction, your brain craves drugs and your thoughts become focused on obtaining drugs to the exclusion of everything else. Luckily, drug rehab centers in Arizona such as America’s Rehab Campuses have effective treatment programs to help you achieve sobriety and control of your life.

Causes of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

There are two types of factors that can lead to drug addiction. First, environmental factors such as your family’s beliefs and exposure to drug abuse have a major influence on whether you develop a substance use disorder. Second, genetics also play a role. Just as you can inherit brown eyes or curly hair from your parents, you can also inherit traits that make it more likely that you will become addicted if you start using drugs or alcohol.

Different Types of Drug Therapy

Drug rehab centers in Arizona approach addiction from numerous perspectives. For example, your therapist may use both individual and group therapy to help you get to the root of your addiction and learn coping mechanisms that encourage sobriety and lifelong recovery. At America’s Rehab Campuses, you will also attend recreational and holistic programs that encourage you to develop hobbies and skills that decrease the chance of a relapse.

Top Drug Rehab Centers in Arizona

One of the best drug rehab centers in Arizona, America’s Rehab Campuses, provides comprehensive treatment for substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. Choose from inpatient careoutpatient programs, or partial hospitalization programs to continue your recovery efforts today!