Drug Rehab AZ

In recent years, the rate of drug addiction in Arizona has skyrocketed. One major reason contributing to the increased cases of drug addiction is the high number of drugs that enter the United States close to the AZ border. Some of the most commonly abused drugs include:

  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Oxycodone
  • Methamphetamine

Sadly, addiction doesn’t discriminate no matter the drug you use or your status. Even for substances like alcohol that are legal and socially acceptable, you’ll still end up getting addicted. In fact, there are about 15 million individuals aged 12 or older who suffer from alcoholism. Note that addiction isn’t just a choice to use a specific drug. According to the American Medical Association, alcoholism is a disease that requires treatment to get over. Data from WHO shows that alcoholism claims about three million lives annually. Getting started with drug addiction treatment can feel like a daunting task, but you’ll easily take the steps towards a healthy lifestyle with professional assistance.

What You Can Expect From Drug Rehab in AZ

America’s Rehab Campuses in AZ has professional and highly rated drug addiction treatment programs to help you begin your journey towards a healthier and better life. Therefore, if you are looking for a drug rehab program for you, a family member, or a friend, reach out to our team. We have assisted several individuals in getting back their healthy and happy lives, so we have the expertise and experience to guide you through this tough journey.

And although it may feel impossible to become sober once again due to the numerous temptations in modern surroundings, we have inpatient programs that avail the right tools to help you overcome real-world challenges. Moreover, we have individual and group therapy sessions coupled with a twelve-step program that avails essential tools and guidelines to ensure you don’t go back to your undesirable addiction habits. We have modern drug and alcohol addiction rehab facilities with gourmet meals, private meals, a heated pool, fitness facilities, beauty services, and a beautiful setting.

Medical Detox Program

Medical detoxification is the initial step in recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. This process involves clearing your body of alcohol and drugs that you’ve consumed. Medical detox aims at naturally managing your withdrawal symptoms once you stop taking drugs. However, this can be one of the most difficult experiences depending on the type of drug, method of abuse, underlying medical conditions, family history, and how long you used the drug. And for most drugs, it can take days, weeks, or months to overcome the withdrawal symptoms. That’s why you need professional medical supervision during your medical detox program.

At America’s Rehab Campuses, we have well-trained and experienced professionals who will take you through the entire detox process, so you never have to worry about a thing. Thanks to our 24-hour supervision, you will be in a safe and comfortable environment. Therefore, no matter the side effects that you may experience from nausea, insomnia, poor sleep, body discomfort, difficulty concentrating, or anxiety, we’ll be with you in every step.

Outpatient Treatment Program

Those struggling with substance abuse can also opt for the outpatient treatment program from America’s Rehab Campuses. This is a great option for those who know they need professional assistance with alcohol addiction or drug abuse but still attend school or can’t stop working. Also, if you have mild symptoms or your condition is sufficiently stable, the outpatient treatment program is a great solution.

Our outpatient treatment program utilizes nontraditional interventions such as yoga, equine services, acupuncture, qi gong, medications, and art therapy. We also have individual, group, and couples therapy sessions. If you need help with substance abuse, our medical experts from America’s Rehab campuses are ready to get you back to sobriety.