Drug Detoxification Arizona

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Drug addiction, or substance use disorder, is a brain disease that adversely affects a person’s behavior and renders them unable to stop seeking out addictive substances. These substances can be legal or illegal — alcohol, cigarettes and even some prescription medications are considered drugs and often lead to addiction. If you find that you are unable to stop taking a particular substance, have a craving for it or feel like you can’t live without it, you may be suffering from substance use disorder. Our drug detoxification facilities in Arizona are a great first step for anyone looking to beat addiction.

What’s Drug Addiction?

To start, it’s crucial to note that drug addiction is not a moral failing or a lack of willpower. Addiction is a complex disorder that causes the body and mind to become extremely dependent on substances. Additionally, prolonged use of substances can alter a person’s brain chemistry, making them resistant to the drug. So, a drug users will increasingly feel the need to use substances in increasing quantities in order to re-create the original effect of the drug.

Drug Detoxification in Arizona

Drug detoxification is a process of removing substances and toxins from the body as safely and comfortably as possible. As quitting drugs can cause withdrawal symptoms, going through the process can be very difficult and even dangerous. Professional centers offer psychological support and medications to help you go through the process, which makes it easier to stick to.

The Three Stages of Drug Detoxification

There are three main phases of drug detoxification. You start off professional evaluation, which typically includes bloodwork to determine the types and quantities of substances in your bloodstream. You will also need to provide information including the types of drugs you take, how often you take them, how much you take and how long you have been using them. The doctor will also need to review your health record to learn about any allergies or other issues. This process allows your clinician to tailor your treatment to your unique medical history and specific needs, so that it can be ass effective as possible.

The second stage is called stabilization. You will be guided through the process of drug withdrawal. The body may suffer some withdrawal symptoms as you’re leaning off the substance — these may include headaches, shaking, nausea and vomiting. However, your treatment team will develop your treatment plan to be as comfortable as possible. You may be given medication to minimize any unpleasant feelings caused by withdrawal. You may receive emotional support at the facility to help you deal with the psychological challenges, and in some cases your family may get involved to show you support.

The final stage in the detoxification process is dealing with the emotional and psychological associated with drug addiction. You may be offered counseling or other forms of therapy to help you resolve any issues that may have caused you to rely on drug use in the first place and enrolled in a drug rehabilitation program.

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Drug Detoxification Arizona