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Finding the right treatment center in Arizona for your recovery can feel overwhelming given the number of options available. The truth is that even despite more rehab centers being opened, only around 11% of those who need treatment for substance abuse receive it.

To make treatment as comfortable and accessible as possible, America’s Rehab Campus has taken a holistic approach to our programs. From your initial intake interview to alumni support groups, we’ve simplified the recovery process to take place all in one place.

Premier Alcohol Rehab in Arizona

With over 3,600 annual deaths in Arizona being caused by excessive drinking, it’s no surprise that treatment for alcohol abuse is considered a necessity to help our fellow residents. These numbers have been steadily rising over the years, with some 5-year spans increasing by as much as 40%.

As a team made up of local Arizona residents, the ARC staff have watched the change happen and are equipped to handle every aspect of recovery from alcohol abuse. The goal is to help you develop the coping mechanisms needed to overcome future cravings and prevent relapse. We provide every stage of treatment right here at our facility to keep you with the same team from start to finish.

Finding the Best Drug Rehab in Arizona

Every year we see new ways that illicit drugs are being pushed out to those struggling with addiction. From rainbow-colored fentanyl to an increase in substances being laced with the drug, there’s no shortage of temptation available for illicit drug users.

This doesn’t mean that addiction and drug abuse are a guarantee though. America’s Rehab Campus is here to showcase why our guests say we’re the top rehab in Arizona for addiction recovery. We get to know your story with addiction and how it’s impacted your life. We learn about your goals and reasons for pursuing sobriety, and we use that to create individualized treatment that works for you.

Your Arizona Dual Diagnosis Rehab

While it’s easy to focus on the substance being abused during addiction treatment, many guests come to ARC with underlying mental illness. These co-occurring conditions can feed into each other and make each respective set of symptoms worse. Cravings can be made more severe by anxiety while substances such as alcohol can make depression worse once you quit drinking.

In these cases, it’s imperative that you address the co-occurring disorder alongside your addiction. Otherwise, you could be left with an entire side of your mental health that causes unnecessary strain on your recovery.

Start Rehab in Arizona Today

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve struggled with substance abuse, it’s always the right time to start your journey to recovery. If you need help verifying insurance, scheduling transportation, or have questions on behalf of a loved one, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the ARC team today!