Drug Addiction Treatment Arizona

As Arizona braces for some of the worst years of the drug epidemic, America’s Rehab Campus is prepared to make drug addiction treatment in Arizona accessible and affordable. The combination of stress from a multi-year pandemic and an increased supply of illicit drugs has pushed Arizona’s number of drug-related deaths to new heights. It’s important to understand that drug addiction treatment is never far away in Arizona.

What Drug Addiction Treatment in Arizona Means

Drug addiction treatment in Arizona has evolved far beyond a room of folding chairs setup for group therapy. Opened in 2017, ARC is equipped with luxury living facilities and modern recreational facilities to make recovery as comfortable of a journey as possible. Every part of treatment is based on proven modalities and tackles the physical, mental and spiritual side of addiction.

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

The beginning of a treatment program is the most challenging. It begins with ending drug use in order for the body to fully remove it from its system, a process known as detoxification or detox. The difficulty comes with the side effects brought on by detox. When the brain has grown accustomed to the presence of a particular drug, it becomes dependent on it in order to operate as intended.

Removing the drug sends the brain into withdrawal where withdrawal symptoms can range from mild pain and discomfort to more life-threatening side effects such as seizures and organ failure. Proper drug addiction treatment in Arizona will help patients through this period with medically-assisted detox meaning medication is administered to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Changing the Perspective on Drug Use

Oftentimes, drug addition originates from an individual using drugs as a coping mechanism for stress, anxiety, depression or due to traumatic events. When a coping mechanism is established, it’s hard to stop leaning into it and many recovering individuals will attempt to replace drugs with another substance like alcohol.

Drug addiction treatment in Arizona at the ARC facility creates an environment that fosters growth and self-confidence. Individual and group therapy sessions help uncover what drives addiction within each patient, but the community-building and recreational therapy between these sessions is what shows you that life doesn’t need to be experienced behind the lens of drug abuse.

Find Drug Addiction Treatment in Arizona

Providing both inpatient and outpatient drug addiction treatment in Arizona is crucial for a treatment facility as no two cases of addiction are the same. Some people have a strong family and support group at home they can return to during treatment. Others may require long-term accomodations to keep them in a positive environment while they begin recovery as they may have a toxic or unsupportive home life.

Choosing America’s Rehab Campus for drug addiction treatment in Arizona means choosing a compassionate team of recovery specialists who put your lifelong success above all else. From seamless intake to an expansive aftercare network, ARC strives to change the perspective held by the public towards addiction treatment. Through public outreach, regular speaking events and transparency in our methodologies, ARC hopes to educate Arizona on addiction treatment and how accessible it can be.

Whether drug addiction has been a struggle for months or years, ARC can help guide you towards a new sober life. Take back control of your life by reaching out to the ARC team today.

Drug Addiction Treatment Arizona